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iPhone 11 Pro Max review A no-brainer, if you like iOS

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro takes what was what made the XS excellent and enhances battery life and camera. The iPhone has certainly reclaimed the title of the most impressive camera on mobile phones, however the coming Pixel 4 has us curious to test whether Apple is able to keep the title for a long time. Apart from the attractive camera, there’s nothing there to entice Android users away, but we have to acknowledge that it’s a fantastic phone.

As opposed to my coworkers I, too, have never had an iPhone. But, the new iPhone releases are always intriguing to me. Apple devices are important even for those who are settled within Camp Android — if just because they provide us with an idea of what competitors could be following. As you may have guessed, Android OEMs keep an eye on what Apple has been doing. This is the reason we at the Android Authority team was keen to take a close review of Apple’s most recent flagship model, it’s the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 11 Pro Max review The big image

The iPhone 11 Pro Max looks and feels very much like its predecessor iPhone XS Max. It’s not a surprise considering that Apple’s biggest update using iPhone X iPhone X was only two years ago. Don’t be fooled by the iterative design. you it’s true that the iPhone 11 Pro Max does make some significant enhancements to the iPhone.

Outside of the camera and the processing software and processing package, which we’ll talk about shortly this tech might appear more than outdated for Android users. iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t have an under-display fingerprint scanner but has a huge notch in a time when Android display notch sizes are decreasing or disappearing completely. We’re experiencing the first phones that have folding displays during the year.

Naturally, Apple is always about gradual and deliberate adjustments. But, this is the most efficient iPhone to the present.

The main question is what is it that makes it a good idea to be the designation of a “Pro” model? Apple stated in its press event that the camera was the reason it became”pro. Naturally, the more affordable iPhone 11 has almost the identical features, but it does not have the telephoto lens, and comes with other minor adjustments. The change was probably a matter of marketing. The last season’s iPhone XR outsold the more expensive XS line, but there was not enough to distinguish the XS from the XS. However, the Pro label is appealing to those who are looking for the very best. Add a buzzword such as Max and boom!.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the perfect phone for people who want the most advanced features, with the biggest screen and aren’t scared of spending a bit of money to be able to claim the privilege. It will make your wallet lighter but you’ll own a beast of a phone.

What’s inside the box?

  • 18W USB-C USB-C charger
  • The USB-C cable connects to the Lightning cable
  • Lightning headphones

Apple prefers keeping the extras to the minimum in the user experience on the iPhone. This is still the case even though Apple has now included an 18W charging port so that it’s not necessary to pay for extra charging. The downside is that you’re not getting an adapter for wired headphones, if you’re using the type with an 3.5mm connector.


  • 158 x 77.8 x 8.1mm
  • 226g
  • IP68
  • Custom Gorilla Glass
  • Proprietary lightening connector USB-C

The iPhone 11 Pro Max looks almost identical with that of the iPhone XS Max from the front. The notch stays identical, with it’s Face ID camera and an earpiece located in the center. The only place that it is that the iPhone 11 Pro Max design is noticeable is on the back. The brand new triple camera instantly grabs your attention. It’s bold, big, and frankly slightly ugly. Similar to the notch, and the distinctive triple camera style is something very few people instantly be able to resist. It is definitely more appealing in person, and you will quickly become accustomed to it. Animals that Start with R- Listed With Facts

The back finish is a lovely matte glass that looks great, but is extremely comfortable. In comparison to other phones made of glass, this isn’t an abrasive magnet. The design can be a little slippery however, should you spend more than 1,000 dollars on an iPhone, it’s likely that you’ll buy an enclosure. Would you rather leave your phone unattended? Apple says that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the toughest glass available in smartphones — a customized model of the Corning Gorilla Glass that no one would like to reveal anything about. It’s the iPhone 11 Pro Max also features IP68 dust and water resistance.

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