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Intensify women’s obsession with custom packaging

Any look is incomplete without lipstick for a woman. Even they are so obsessed with the lipsticks that you will always find at least one in their bag. And they don’t even think about the budget when a bomb shade is displayed. However, cosmetics companies know how to take benefit of that craze of women.

Therefore, they always introduce new ranges of shades and styles of lipstick to attract women even more. But they know women are not so blind about purchasing makeup. They hang over those products which they feel are branded and satisfying them. So, if you want a branded and exclusive touch to your lipstick packaging, choose us as your packaging partner and read the full blog.

Key elements of creating eye-catchy lipstick packaging

1. Select a convenient box design for lipstick boxes

As we claim, everything is possible in customization with iCustom boxes, so freely choose any design for lipstick packaging. But keep one thing in mind for what purpose are you choosing the box design? Whether it’s for promotional purposes or a limited-season theme etc. It will look more impressive this way.
For example, a themed lipstick limited series box must have funky shades if it’s spring flower shades. Besides that, you can take the guidelines of our design experts too. They are experienced and will give you the appropriate advice.

2. Choose appropriate shades for shading the sophisticated design

After choosing the convenient box design for the Custom Lipstick Boxes, now it turns to choosing the eye-catchy shade for them. But the wrong color combo can also ruin the whole box grace. For example, some color combos like dark black and blue look approximately the same. The box design will not look prominent and highlighted if you choose them.

Our designing experts will warn you about that as we say we keep in touch with you in all customization procedures. If they feel the color combo is appropriate, they will inform you. Or if you will ask to balance these shades’ saturation, they will do that for you. But sometimes customers listen to others. Therefore, we are suggesting you choose wisely.

Custom Lips-stick Boxes

3. Give perfect shade with first-rate printing methods and color scheme

The lipstick box is must customized with shade to help people choose the right one. But sometimes, due to the weak printing method, the original color of the product slightly varies from the right shade. It could be a problem if the customer purchased the wrong one.

If you don’t want to make your regular customer angry, choose us as your printing partner. We have exceptional CMYK and PMS color schemes which provide you with the perfect shade you want. And for perfect prints, we have first-class offset digital printing machines. They provide you with perfect shades without ink spreading, weak saturation and contrast.

4. Give an exclusive touch to the custom lipstick box with ADD-ONS

The eye-catchy lipstick box is complete with exclusive or branded touch. Thus, women only attract trust brands to satisfy their needs. So give a branded touch to the lipstick box with our alluring add-ons. Here are a few must-used add-ons list you.

a) Sparkling hot stamp foiling for shimmering shines

Do you want to give a glossy and sheeny look to the brand logo, design or specific area? Then use hot stamp foiling. It looks so versatile and elegant that the buyer will definitely notice it. Depending on the box themes, you can use hot stamp foiling in any shade.

For example, you can use hot stamp foiling if it’s a Christmas or Valentine-themed red shade lipstick box. Besides that, you can use the most liked golden and silver hot stamp foiling.

Lip-Stick Boxes

Do you want to prominent the brand logo on exclusive lipstick packaging? You can use embossing and debossing. The embossing gives raised effect to the logo, and debossing gives a sunken effect. You can combine embossing and debossing with hot stamp foiling for better results.

c) Custom inserts to keep lipstick intact in a pleasing position

For eye-catchy packaging, the inner side should be equally eye-catchy and exclusive. That’s why we recommend keeping custom inserts inside the box. They keep the product intact in an immobile position, which looks decent and gives an impression.

However, to make custom inserts two times more beautiful, you can color custom cardboard inserts in different shades or designs with PMS and CMYK color schemes. White Kraft inserts will be good if you don’t want to color custom inserts.

Choose your favorite box style for custom lipstick boxes

In the past, lipstick was used to pack in straight and reverse tuck end boxes. But nowadays, it comes in a different box style with inserts and different add-ons etc. You can use any box style. Our experts will customize it according to the specifications you will provide to us. Here are a few suggestions

  1. Two-piece box style with ribbons for a special lipstick gift box
  2. Custom tray and sleeve box with die-cut window
  3. Hinged flipped lip boxes for promotional purposes
  4. Display boxes with custom inserts for display purposes

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