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Installing a Folding Closet Door: Step-By-Step Guide

Installing a folding closet door is an easy way to upgrade your home! It can give your space a more modern, stylish look, and it’s surprisingly simple to install. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before you get started.

Installing a folding door is a fairly straightforward process, which can easily be done with minimal tools and supplies. The first step is to properly measure the space that the door needs to fit in, ideally down to the millimeter, so that it can be correctly trimmed if necessary. Next you’ll need to attach hangers onto either side of the closet opening, making sure they are securely fastened. Then you will attach the pre-cut tracks onto each hanger using bolts and screws. After that, slide the folding door into each track until it fits snugly. Finally make any necessary adjustments for proper alignment and operation before installing any trim pieces or weather-stripping. All in all, this shouldn’t take more than an hour from start to finish, making it a great way to bring function and style to your space without breaking your budget or taking too much time!

Materials You’ll Need

Before you get started, make sure you have all the materials you’ll need for the job. For installing a folding closet door, you’ll need the following items:

•             Folding closet doors

•             Door hinges

•             Screwdriver

•             Drill & drill bits

•             Tape measure or ruler

•             Leveler

Step 1: Measure Your Door Opening 

The first step in installing your new folding closet door is to measure your door opening. You’ll want to measure both the width and height of your doorway. This will ensure that your new doors fit perfectly in the opening. Once you have this information, it’s time to move on to step two. 

 Step 2: Install Your Hinges   

Now that you have the measurements of your door opening, it’s time to install the hinges. Start by attaching each hinge onto the frame of the door opening with screws and a screwdriver or drill. Depending on how many doors you are installing, there could be anywhere from one to four hinges per door—check with your manufacturer for specific instructions for their product. Once all of your hinges are installed, move on to step three. 

 Step 3: Hang Your Doors  

Now that your hinges are installed, it’s time to hang up your new doors! Place each door onto its respective hinge and use a leveler to make sure it is even and secure before tightening all of the screws into place. Once everything is secure and even, check again with a leveler just to be sure everything looks good before moving on! 


With these three steps, you should now be able to easily install any type of folding closet door in no time! Installing a folding closet door is really not as difficult as it might seem—so don’t hesitate any longer and upgrade your home today! With this guide in hand, website owners and DIYers alike can confidently tackle this project without any worries. So go ahead—give it a try! You might just surprise yourself with how easy it really was!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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