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Incredible Physical Therapy for Tennis Elbow Offered in San Marcos Texas

Known scientifically as lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is an overuse injury that causes pain in your elbow joint that can radiate down your forearm into the wrist. Anyone can develop lateral epicondylitis, not only tennis players or other athletes. First-line treatment for tennis elbow usually includes rest, ice, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications. If these do not work, physical therapy Stone Oak may be effective at relieving pain and preventing further injury.

Causes of Tennis Elbow

Your muscles can only work to produce movement if they are attached to bone. The connective tissues that form this attachment are called tendons. The forearm muscles that extend the wrist and control the motion of your thumb and index finger have tendons that attach just above the elbow joint. The upper arm bone, also known as the humerus, has two bony bumps called condyles on either side of the elbow. Tennis elbow causes pain above the condyle on the outside, the one further away from the body. The term “lateral epicondylitis” literally means “inflammation in the area above the condyle on the outside.”

Repetitive motion of your wrist and excessive gripping with your hand can put pressure on the tendons that attach above the lateral condyle. Over time, this can cause inflammation and sometimes micro-tearing of the tendons, which results in tennis elbow symptoms.

If you are at risk for lateral epicondylitis, your next step may be to ask yourself, “Where can I find physical therapy near me for tennis elbow symptoms?” You may be at risk for lateral epicondylitis if you play racquet sports, including tennis, or other sports, such as golf, softball, or bowling. Certain hobbies, such as knitting or playing a musical instrument, can put you at risk as well as certain occupations, such as working as a dentist, butcher, or carpenter. If you use a computer mouse often, whether for work or a hobby, this is another risk factor for tennis elbow.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Pain from tennis elbow may be present all the time but get worse when you are doing something that puts pressure on the tendons, such as opening a jar or turning a doorknob, or at certain times of the day, especially at night when you are trying to sleep. The pain may be localized to your upper arm just above the elbow joint, and this area may be tender to the touch. You may experience a burning sensation that can radiate to your wrist. The muscles of your arm may become stiff, and you may notice your grip becomes weaker, making it more difficult to hold onto objects.

If you notice symptoms such as these, San Marcos physical therapists may be able to help improve your symptoms.

Manage Pain Effectively

Physical therapy for tennis elbow may start out with modalities to relieve pain and stimulate your muscles. Ultrasound therapy and ice massage are examples of such modalities.

A physical therapist can also teach you exercises that help you regain your grip strength. Strengthening the muscles of your forearm can help prevent further damage by relieving stress on your tendons. Your therapist can also teach you ergonomic techniques to help you carry out your usual activities without injuring your elbow. Schedule an evaluation with a physical therapist in your area.

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