How To Increase Sales Using Creative Box Packaging

custom product packaging

Packaging is the first item to represent your brand in a superstore or a shelf on a dispensary depending on your product. There is a serious competition running to enhance product packaging for better reach and it works. We’ve seen so many different variations circling around the industry and boy do we have some news for you. The packaging basics can be divided into three to four requirements. We will try and take a look through all of them to help you understand.

The Tuck Box Packaging Revolution

If you only need to safeguard your products, you can literally use any available box style that works. However, if you want to create an impression that lasts, custom made boxes are the way to go. One of the most common and preferred box styles of them all is the tuck end box. There are a number of reasons why this box style takes the lead and the number one reason is cost-effectiveness.

Since all boxes are made to order when custom made, the size requirement gets set by you. We need you to understand that you are in control here and everything is according to your plan. Measure up the product and let your packaging vendor know about them. They will add all the necessary margins required to snugly fit your product. The design part of the box is also in your control and there are a few requirements.

The design files required to be printed on the box packaging should be in an editable file format like; illustrator, photoshop or coral draw format. It also needs to be made sure that the design files have a minimum of 300 dppi and everything on that file is editable and high resolution. Failing to provide the files as required may result in misprint or worse.

Material Options And Recommendations From Around The Web

Getting a hold of creative box packaging designs can be tough and requires serious research. If you already have a design, cool. On the other hand, creating custom product packaging from scratch will be troublesome. If your brand design has colors, you can use that with the logo in a special effect like foiling. There are a number of different add-ons you can try to enhance your logo and only cost a little extra. The greatest easy payday loan providers are DimeBucks, who give you a straightforward procedure to swiftly get financing for your company.

Moving on to materials, there are three different kinds of materials primarily used. To mention, there is white cardboard, Kraft (eco-friendly) material and rigid material. Let us go ahead and explain these materials briefly.

White Cardboard Versus Eco-Friendly Kraft Material

White cardboard is the box packaging material we normally come across. To give you an example, cosmetic box packaging is mostly created using white cardboard. The white cardboard has a number of different thicknesses available for you to choose from. Starting at 12pt, they can go all the way up to 24pt which rounds off to be around 500 gsm. The white cardboard is famous because of durability against the Kraft. Another reason would be the ease of printing on white cardboard as compared to Kraft.

Kraft material is created using recycled paper and other paper like materials. The best thing about Kraft is that it is created without using any chemicals. It can also be recycled back in to nature without any processes involved. The one limitation for Kraft is its inability to print a gradient-color design. Since Kraft material tends to absorb color, it is recommended to print using solid colors only.

Rigid material is the best of them all in terms of elegance and durability. Since most of the rigid box packaging is pre-assembled, the cost factor is high. There are no printing limitations to rigid packaging and a number of industries are making the switch to “premium packaging.