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How to use Instagram Carousels to Increase Instagram Engagement?

It is an unbelievable fact that how Instagram was launched in 2010 and now it has become the powerhouse of marketing. Its features like Instagram stories and influencer marketing added so much to its importance.

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram has so much power in the world of marketing and its importance can never be denied. It allows millions of businesses to showcase their products in the best possible way and get connected to their potential customers. Instagram is getting more popular day by day and becoming one of the most influential and empowered online marketing tools. Buy Instagram followers to get yourself notified.

Instagram businesses have always been dependent on advertisement and marketing and almost 70% of their products and activities are required to be displayed on social media. This fact makes Instagram a very crucial part of their success. It is the platform that connects millions of brands with them to achieve their goals daily. It is behind the success stories of a lot of businesses and has successfully conveyed them around the world.

The carousel feature on Instagram has the highest success rate but it only contains 19% of content on Instagram. As for now, Instagram is growing exponentially, so it is a very obvious way for businesses to fuel their success by utilizing its amazing features. In this article, we will go through a step-by-step guide to find the right Instagram technique for using the carousel feature for your business profile so that you can grow rapidly on social media by showcasing your services, brand, and products.

Every Instagram user, particularly brands should take full advantage of this feature to increase their engagement. As we know varying content directs Instagram algorithms to work in the favor of your brand. If you are not using the Instagram carousel feature you are missing out on a huge number of followers.

How to create a carousel post?

This feature allows users to upload up to 10 pictures or videos at a time. To create a carousel post on your account you must follow the steps given below:

  • Create a post by tapping the + sign.
  • Tap on the layer icon square
  • Choose the content of up to 10 photos/videos
  • Click next
  • Edit each of them individually
  • Rearrange the order, if desired
  • Tap Share

Carousel images can be square, landscape, or Portrait. You can make them of your desired size and orientation. Buy real YouTube views

As this feature is very helpful in driving engagement for your brand so it’s very important to utilize it in a very creative way to get the best outcomes. Some of the tried and tested methods are given below:


Tutorials are the best way to show your products and also it is a good way to educate your customers about the usage of your product. You can give step-by-step guidelines in the form of images, videos, or both of them by using this feature. Such type of tutorial content is not just helpful but also safe-worthy because they are required to watch it again and again. So, if the audience taps the save button, then it also affects the engagement factor of that post.

Data and educational content:

Instagram carousels are ideal for sharing educational content as well. This type of content usually seems boring to the audience if too much text is added in the caption or if there is too much content on the post. The carousel feature eliminates this problem as well. By using this you can describe a concept or make an informative post by distributing its content in several different graphics.

  1. Spotlights:

Spread the love by showcasing the people, products, and businesses you support! Create roundups of accounts, authors, and anything you love and want to feature on your account. It also keeps all your likes, comments, and view on multiple posts collectively together.

Behind the scene content:

Everyone love to see behind the curtains and an Instagram carousel is the best way of sharing the polished end results along with photo and video of the process. One of the most popular trends is Instagram vs reality content. In this type of content, the standard content is shared along with behind the scene content.

Engagement prompt:

With the help of interactive post content, you can make people swipe through your carousel posts. While the people are swiping your post there must be captions explaining each of them and you must include the link in those captions. Using prompts such as ‘swipe to see more’ or ‘swipe for a surprise’ can cause them really move forward.

Another engagement prompt is to share photos and videos in your post and ask the audience to tell which one is better. This also drives good engagement on your post.

  1. Showcase your work:

Carousel post is the best way to display your products. As you have the option to post multiple pictures so you can post detailed content about your work or product. You can also tell the process behind your work by proper storytelling techniques, to your followers. This type of content can work for any type of business.

  1. Before and after images:

Another technique is to post before and after content. For example, if your brand offers a skincare brand then you can showcase the scenario before applying your product and in the next, you can show the end results. This category is very helpful in makeup posts as well.

  1. User-generated content:

Social media never buy a one-way conversation. User-generated content is the best way to develop a mutual connection among your audiences. You can share the reviews and feedback posted by your audience. It captivates the attention of visitors.


Carousel helps you to build a deeper relationship with your Instagram followers through engaging content. If you are not utilizing this opportunity, you are missing out on a number of leads. It not only assists you to lead more sales but also gets you connected with your target customers. Get creative with your content by start creating more Instagram carousels.

Hope this article will help you so much while you are trying to explore the content ideas for Instagram carousel

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