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inceptial Review – Can you Trust this Broker? 

Are you searching for an online broker? People interested in trading in the financial markets require the services of a brokerage to begin. They provide the platform and all the essential tools that are needed for trading and they have always played a vital role in the process. Even before people started trading digitally, they needed the services of a broker and it has remained unchanged today as well. No, this doesn’t mean that finding one is a problem. A Google search tells you that there are hundreds of companies offering their services, so why do you need this inceptial review

This is due to the fact that like every other space, there is competition here as well, which means that not all brokers are the same. Every company is different and the services they offer can also vary. It is understood that no company will ever tell you of their shortcomings and will make tall promises. However, many people who take them at their word are disappointed later when they find whatever is lacking in the option they select. If you want to avoid this disappointment, you have to find a broker you can trust to assist you throughout your trading journey.

Yes, such options do exist and many traders have used their services to trade in the financial markets, thereby making substantial profits. The only challenge is learning to identify these brokers and then signing up for their services. This means doing your research when you are considering a broker. inceptial is one of the relatively new platforms to have been established and is owned and operated by Growth Capital LLC. Its headquarters can be found in the Republic of Belarus, Europe and it has climbed up the ranks very quickly, despite the intense competition. 

This would certainly draw your attention, but whether you can trust this company or not can only be decided after you have weighed its offerings and services. You can go through this inceptial review to do so:

Trading AccountsFour Account Types; Classic, Silver, Gold and VIP
Minimum Deposit$250
Assets CoverageForex currency pairs, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices and Commodities
Trading ToolsTrading Indicators, Trading Calendar, Calculator, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools and Reports, Price Alerts, Market Research, Economic Calendar, Financial News, Live Market Summary, Daily Chart Analysis and Risk Management Tools
Education and TrainingYes; e-books, online interactive courses, webinars, seminars, tutorials, in-depth research and glossary. 
Customer Support24/7 support via email address, phone number and online contact form. An FAQ section is also available.
Security PolicyKYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
RegulationNational Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Regulation and Security 

When you want to know if a broker can be trusted or not, the most important aspect that needs to be checked is their regulation and security. A regulated broker is one that has a proper license to provide its services and is monitored by an authority to provide fair and transparent services to its clients. They also have to comply with laws and regulations that ensure the security of a trader. You will be pleased to find that inceptial is a properly regulated firm and has licenses to provide its services in a number of jurisdictions. 

First and foremost, it is regulated by the National Bank of Belarus as it has its headquarters based there. Apart from that, you will also discover that inceptial is regulated by one of the most well-known regulators in the world and have strict rules and regulations for brokers to comply with. It automatically adds a layer of security because you know that the company will not try to exploit you in any way. 

Furthermore, they also follow and adopt the top security measures and policies, as per regulatory requirement, which can be highly reassuring. Thanks to their regulation, inceptial is also part of compensation schemes under which its clients will be fully compensated in the event the broker files for bankruptcy. They also maintain segregated customer accounts and they funds are deposited with the best banks, which can protect your hard-earned money from theft and misappropriation. As for the safety of your personal information, the company uses high quality encryption standards for keeping it safe and they also have a Privacy Policy that dictates why and how your information is secured.

Asset Index 

Once you are satisfied by the regulatory and security aspects of a broker, you should look at its asset index to ensure it can provide the assets you wish to trade. Many companies in the market make tall promises about offering traders with access to numerous profitable instruments, but not many are actually able to fulfill these. Therefore, you need to know if the platform you are considering is forthcoming and accurate about its offerings. You will find inceptial to be a good choice here because not only do they promise an extensive asset index, but actually deliver as well.

There are more than 160 instruments available at inceptial and these belong to some of the well-respected markets in the world. This variety ensures that you will be able to diversify your investment portfolio easily, which is a benefit because you can minimize your trading risks and increase your profits by spreading out your investment. Some of the markets you can trade in are:


One of the markets known for offering you stable and consistent return is that of commodities, where you have a huge variety of instruments to choose from. You can choose hard commodities that refer to precious metals like gold, silver, copper and platinum. There are soft commodities at inceptial that refer to agricultural products like wheat, corn, sugar and rice. 


With a daily trading volume of more than $5 trillion, the forex market is considered the largest financial market in the world. You will find major, minor and exotic currency pairs available at inceptial and these include EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/NZD, CAD/USD and EUR/GBP. 


If you don’t want to trade traditional currency pairs, you can give digital currencies a try. This has become one of the most popular financial markets of late and inceptial has added leading cryptocurrencies for their clients like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. 


One of the most renowned financial markets in the world is the stock market where people can invest in some of the world’s biggest companies. You will find some big names provided to you at inceptial and these include Apple, Twitter, Tesla, MasterCard, PayPal, Netflix, Coca Cola, Boeing and IBM. 


If you prefer looking at the big picture and don’t want to trade individual stocks, the indices market is an excellent option for you to explore. You will find some of the most profitable indices available, such as FTSE 100, S&P 500, DOW JONES, AUS 200 and more. 

Trading Software 

Another key aspect of a broker that can help you decide if a broker is worth trusting or not is the trading software they provide. It is the most crucial offering because this software connects you to the financial markets and allows you to open and close positions that help you profit. Thus, if the trading software is not up to the mark, your experience will suffer and this is something you want to avoid. Why? This is because it will affect your bottom line i.e. the profits you make. Every broker offers a different software to its clients and inceptial has chosen to provide its traders the very best i.e. the MetaTrader 4.

The MT4 is known as the top trading software in the market because of its powerful technology and combination of features and tools. It is the choice of every expert and skilled trader and is designed to fulfill the needs of beginners and newbies as well. You can choose from the desktop MT4 client, or if you prefer a platform that doesn’t need to be downloaded, the WebTrader is also an option. In addition, you will find that inceptial also provides you with the MT4 apps for Android and iOS devices to help those who wish to trade on the move and access their account from anywhere.

Thanks to the advanced technology, the MT4 platform offers lightning-fast trade execution, along with one-click trading features. It also has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use for anyone, regardless of their trading knowledge or experience. Apart from that, you will come to know that inceptial has added some of the top trading tools that can enhance your experience. You can find more than 30 technical indicators to use, EAs (Expert Advisors) for automated trading that can also be customized and trading indicators. You can check the latest financial market news and use different order types for risk management.

Technical and fundamental analysis tools are also available, as are push alerts and trading signals, leading to a seamless trading experience. 

Account Sign Up 

It is also essential to know what prerequisites you have to fulfill, if any, when you decide to use a broker’s services. Some have complicated steps and procedures that can take up a lot of time and also cause a great deal of hassle. Moreover, traders also feel uncomfortable in sharing extensive information from the get go because they may be unsure about the broker. Luckily, you will find inceptial to be very different in this regard because they have kept their account sign up process simple and quick. They don’t ask you to share any detailed information about yourself.

You only have to complete one form that’s available on their website and it asks for very basic information. You have to enter your first name, last name, country, phone number, email address, password and an account currency from USD, GBP and EUR. The last steps involve agreeing to the Client Agreement on the inceptial website, along with Privacy Policy and Regulations and Rules of the founding company. You will be registered right away and can choose from the four account options, which are Classic, Silver, Gold and VIP. 

However, before you can conduct transactions, you will be required to verify your account in accordance with the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. These are implemented due to inceptial’s regulation. These policies require proof of identity, address and payment from traders because it can reduce the risk of identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering.

Customer Care 

One of the key elements of determining whether to trust a broker or not is the customer care they offer. Any business that doesn’t care about its clients is not worth signing up with. But, you will be impressed with the customer care options that inceptial has added on its website. They provide an email address and phone number that can be used for reaching out to their agents. You will find them available 24/7, so you will be able to get answers right away and resume your trading activities. There is also an online contact form on their website that you can send and their agents will contact you themselves.

Along with these options, you will also find an FAQ section on the inceptial website where they have provided their clients with answers to basic questions about their services and features. You can check this section in case you have a problem and if the answer is not available, use customer support channels. There are educational resources also available on their website and these can be useful in providing guidance and knowledge to their clients. 

Final Thoughts 

After weighing the attention and dedication of inceptial to provide a good trading experience to all its clients, you can consider the platform a trustworthy option to begin your trading venture. 

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