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Improve ROI with Through-Partner Marketing as a Service

Technology continues to proliferate within marketing teams. Martech.org reports that in 2023, there were more than 11,000 marketing applications, with many companies using more than 100 in their own organizations. This explosion of technology has caused some marketing teams to get tied up in the complexity and lose sight of the results.  Gartner has reported that marketers are only utilizing 58% of it, leaving many opportunities on the table.

Successful marketing organizations put strategy first and prioritize results, and view technology as the means, rather than the end.  Taking this approach and bringing in a service provider who is already an expert in the technology can get businesses to market faster and accelerate those all-important results. 

Through-Partner Marketing Automation is a perfect example of where marketing departments have had the right intentions with the wrong results. Studies tell us that less than 25% of marketing teams are getting a return on those investments. The strategy is right. The technology is good.  But the complexity of the technology, the new processes that must be introduced, and the integration across the business require expertise that most marketing teams don’t currently have.

Through-partner marketing services eliminate these challenges and bring even more benefits to a marketing organization.

  • Reduced risk – Services protect you from the direct impacts of team turnover. Your marketing solution is delivered without the risk of potential disruptions to your internal team. 
  • No new in-house resources required – Using an as-a-service model delivers the full solution with the required resources that a marketing team would need to find, train, and pull together internally – such as platform experts, content writing, graphic design, html programming, social media managers, and business analysts.
  • Flexibility – An as-a-service model enables you to build the solution that you want and only pay for what you need – so that your solution is never underutilized. You add on only when you are ready.
  • Time to market – How long does it take to acquire a new tech platform, find (or hire!) an internal resource, get that person (or people) trained, and then build the content to deploy on that platform? Probably 6 months at best. With partner marketing services, you can be up and running in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Cost efficient – You get the best-of-breed resources working on and delivering your solution. And when you are only paying for what you use, you benefit.
  • Knowledge transfer – An as-a-service model means you are working with experts in that field, and your team learns from working with them.
  • Better outcomes – When you have experts running the technology, you get the benefit of industry best practices. In the case of TCM services, you can realize much better outcomes – such as better recruitment & onboarding, higher participation rates, better build marketing content, improved content management and diversity, better business intelligence, and deliver more value to your partners.
  • You’re always on the cutting edge – Companies delivering as-a-service are experts. It’s all we do. Your internal teams are almost never likely to be as up-to-speed on the technology or best practices as the experts delivering the solutions.

AscendX Digital Partner Marketing Services

When you work with AscendX Digital, you can focus your teams on your own marketing strategy and building your brand. AscendX Digital are experts in Through-Partner Marketing and our as-a-service model is unique in the industry. No new technology to procure, no new people to hire to train and run it, and no risk of business disruption if your team experiences churn. Contact us for a demo or a free consultation. Visit our website at https://ascendxdigital.com/ to learn more.

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