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Importance of Switchgear Assembly Testing & Certification

Switchgear assembly testing and certification are essential for safety. Therefore, it is important to know the IEC and EN standards to ensure the quality and performance of the switchgear. This article will discuss these standards and the methods used for testing and certification. Readers of this article will also learn about the ASTA mark certification. This certification is recognized worldwide. It is a great choice for manufacturers who must ensure that their switchgear products meet strict safety standards.

IEC 61439

IEC 61439 is an international standard that describes low voltage switchgear, including construction requirements, technical characteristics, and verification requirements. It impacts the distribution of electrical energy in industry, domestic electrical installations, and construction sites. The standard can be used to specify low voltage switchgear, and it requires a user and manufacturer agreement. In addition, it provides basic conditions and additional user definitions.

The IEC 61439 series of standards is primarily used for low-voltage switchgear assemblies. These are typically assembled in a separate area with locked doors or covers, and the rated voltage cannot exceed 1 000 V a.c. or 1 500 V d.c. The standard also specifies additional requirements for power switchgear, such as protection of the operating face.

EN 614319

The new EN 614319 standard for switchgear certification and assembly testing includes six additional tests to ensure quality construction and reliability. These tests include an assessment of temperature rise limits and the ability of a switchgear assembly to operate at different temperatures. These tests are critical for the reliability of switchgear because the components and insulation can suffer from premature aging and failure when exposed to temperatures above their rated limits. In addition, current ratings of individual components are only valid if the temperature surrounding them is within the range specified by the manufacturer.

The EN 614319 Switchgear Assembly Testing and Certification standard provides an essential framework for low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. This series is not a replacement for the IEC 60439 standards but is the most comprehensive and useful for specifying and certifying electrical assemblies. The standards are widely accepted and have been adopted by manufacturers and engineering consultants worldwide. In addition, those seeking certification can take advantage of Keystone Compliance’s annual membership plan or specialized technical articles and paper offerings.

Test Methods

There are various test methods for switching gear assembly. They may involve measuring torque to turn, input and output, reversing, or static backlash. These values are used to determine compliance with specifications. Some testing methods may include placing a torque limit around the assembly to determine static backlash. Regardless of the testing method, it is important to understand customer requirements before designing and implementing the test. Test methods for switching gear assembly should consider the application and its intended use.

In AC electrical switchgear, the hi-pot test is used. This test is not preferred because the DC voltage does not produce the same stress on insulation as operating conditions. This test also produces corona and tracking. Moreover, it is not as effective as the AC hi-pot test, particularly on older equipment. This test method is useful in determining the insulation condition of the switchgear. However, this test method may not be suitable for switching gear assembly in commercial environments.

Test Results

Testing electrical switchgear and control gear assemblies can better understand the equipment’s life cycle and focus maintenance efforts on critical parts. Sometimes, switchgear components are out of tolerance for the design of the switchgear, but they continue to operate for an extended period. Test results can help to prevent such incidents. Monitoring systems can also detect problems that a single inspection might not detect. These tools can alert the examiner to imminent failures or potential problems in advance.

There are different types of test results for different types of switchgear assemblies. In any case, low-voltage metal-enclosed switchgear assemblies are subject to the contract’s general provisions and the pertinent Division 1 Specification Sections. Therefore, it is important to identify the customer and the installation location in all transmittals. General arrangement drawings and schematic diagrams should be included as well.

Wrapping Up

Switchgear assembly testing and certification are very crucial for safety and security. This article briefly explains the Importance of Switchgear Assembly Testing & Certification. Read on to get the full insight!

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