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Importance of Fine Ergonomics For Reach Truck Drivers

Riding a forklift might seem easy since the driver doesn’t drive for long distances. However, its repetitive nature can be very tiring for drivers. The driver inadvertently covers more distance than a truck driver, driving the forklift all day.

Besides fatigue, truck drivers risk developing health problems. Poor posture due to driving for long hours slows them down and reduces overall productivity. The driver spends more time seeking medical attention than driving the forklift.

Here is why your business should provide fine ergonomics to your reach truck driver:

To Avoid Health Problems

Many truck drivers complain of discomfort and back pain caused by poor posture. Reach truck drivers have to drive for an average of 8 to 12 hours per shift. Their tasks are highly repetitive. They must maintain the same rigid posture and have no time to stretch or take a break.

Therefore, adopting the correct posture is vital in keeping their spine aligned to avoid lower back and neck pain. Additionally, sitting in a poor posture for long periods causes tension, stiff neck, stress, and sore shoulders. You can keep your forklift drivers healthy by ensuring they have fine ergonomics that allow them to maintain the proper posture.

For instance, your trucks should have adjustable interiors to accommodate drivers of different heights. Each driver can adjust the interiors as per their preferences to easily reach the pedal and controls and sit high enough for a clear view of the front, side windows, and mirrors.

Fine Ergonomics Help Prevent Accidents

Fine ergonomics are vital in avoiding accidents at the workplace. For instance, they should adjust it to ensure drivers can reach the pedals and get a clear view of the front. They avoid bumping into walls, merchandise on the ground, or racks. Improperly adjusted interiors can impair their driving resulting in accidents that result in losses or permanent disability.

For instance, you can adjust the interior to allow the driver to reach the controls without overstretching their legs or arms. Other trucks, such as double deep reach trucks should also be more ergonomical, so drivers can control the vehicle to enhance safe driving. The truck should also have other safety features such as head restraints, airbags, and safety belts.

Improved Productivity

Fine ergonomics enhance comfort and reduce health issues for reach truck drivers, enhancing their productivity since they don’t have underlying problems. Pain can be a distraction preventing drivers from focusing on work. Consequently, they may need more time to meet their quarter by the end of their shift.

When the pain becomes severe, the drivers will spend much time seeking medical help. Therefore, they spend most of their time out of work, thus affecting their productivity. The missed hours can also create gaps in the delivery and storage of merchandise, affecting your business negatively. Other drivers may have to work overtime to cover for their colleagues, affecting their productivity and not getting enough rest.

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Ergonomics are vital in any workplace and more so for reach truck drivers. Fine ergonomics keep the drivers healthy and comfortable, enhancing their productivity. They can focus more on work instead of taking days off to seek medical care. Additionally, forklift drivers can see all around to avoid accidents.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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