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Importance and Benefits of Blockchain for Different Industries


Blockchain has evolved from cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Software development services consider this futuristic technology as secure and transparent to build robust solutions for different industries. Such blockchain-powered solutions can streamline workflows and make the corporate data highly secure with giving the advantage of decentralization. In this post, we will see core industry sectors that blockchain technology can disrupt in the near future.

Importance of Blockchain in Various Sectors

Though blockchain app development services are evolving, various industries can leverage their benefits. Let’s understand the scope of blockchain and how it addresses different challenges in various sectors.


Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector is the biggest beneficiary of the blockchain technology. Security, transparency, and improved record-keeping for auditing are some of the major benefits of blockchain solutions. Banks and financial institutions can utilize blockchain-based apps for client onboarding and fraud prevention effectively.

Blockchain offers transparency and improved traceability with quicker analysis of data for making transactions more secure. Moreover, blockchain supports automation in the sector reducing operational costs and improving the decision-making process. As per the estimate, banks are estimated to spend more than $70 billion every year on compliance. Blockchain technology can help them reduce these amount without compromising on quality.

2. Healthcare

As per the recent report, the blockchain technology share in the global healthcare market will reach $5.61 billion by 2025. This figure seems achievable as blockchain is capable of resolving some critical issues like the risk of revealing the patient data. Another major issue in the thriving healthcare sector is the lack of a proper record management and identification system. It results in mismatched patient EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and erroneous diagnosis.

A survey has revealed that one in five patient records does not matched accurately even within the same healthcare system. Insurance frauds and other issues may rise because of this problem.  Here, blockchain technology lends a helping hand. It assists healthcare sector to reduce data breach and fraud-related costs.

3. Supply Chain Management

It is highly complex sector and involves a huge amount of interrelated data. Paper-based record keeping method makes it more complicated especially when it comes to the international supply chain. This industry has a vast scope in digital transformation. Right now, the industry faces major problems in terms of security, delayed shipments, and eve corruption. Traditional ways of maintaining records and misplaced documents can also create issues in the sector.

Here, blockchain technology can offer smart contracts. As a robust and reliable application, smart contracts can bring transparency, security, and efficiency in various operations of supply chain. They can make international transactions even more accurate and secure. Also, blockchain app development companies can assist in improving information storing and sharing.

4. Transportation

The logistics and transportation is one of the core sectors globally. However, this sector needs digital transformation  for handling various processes and meeting the deadlines effectively. With this, it is essential to address some challenges related to safety of customer data and other confidential information. A strong network can safeguard the fleet enabling effective communication between operators or drivers and the shipping/logistics company.

Blockchain-based smart odometers can play a vital role in enhancing transportation and resolve issues related to navigation, security, etc.by integrating with GPS. Better interaction, more transparency, and enhanced security of data are three key benefits of this technology for the transportation sector.

5. Entertainment

The entertainment industry is thriving rapidly with the help of advancing technology and digitalization. However, this sector has to face many challenges related to personalization and behavioural changes among different generations. Cyber security is one of the major threats that the entertainment industry faces. Multiple streaming sites and increasing number of subscriptions online can create a need for protecting intellectual property and the user’s privacy. Moreover, the industry is facing the issue of content piracy since long.

A decentralized data storage can help the sector get rid of such issues. Effectiveness of blockchain technology is revealed with the fact that blockchain startups have witnessed a whopping 713% yoy surge in funds from the film and TV sector.

6. Energy

This sector undergoes a transformation with increasing digitalization and decentralization. However, this trend demands increased exploration and considerations for the government and various power sector-related companies. Concepts like smart meters, dynamic pricing, etc.have a base of blockchain technology. As this technology offers more control and brings transparency, its usage will increase over the period.

Blockchain app development services can bring disruptive changes in energy markets by making solutions that handle billing, trading, and grid management. On combining with AI/ML, blockchain can help energy companies get the data related to consumption patterns and individual preferences.

Future of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can revolutionize various sectors with secure, transparent, and efficient solutions. For example, the finance sector will have the impact of blockchain with a widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. Blockchain app development companies will help the sector streamline transactions, reduce costs, and enhance security. Moreover, blockchain-based smart contracts will automate complex processes such as loan approvals and asset transfers, further increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

Another big beneficiary of blockchain technology is the healthcare industry. Healthcare service providers can securely store and share patient data for ensuring privacy and interoperability. Additionally, blockchain can enhance medical supply chain by improving traceability and transparency, especially for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This will help hospitals deal with counterfeit products and ensuring the authenticity of medications and equipment.

Overall, blockchain technology is expected to drive innovation and transformation across multiple industries, ushering in a new era of decentralized and transparent operations.

Concluding Lines

Blockchain technology looks highly promising and it has wide scope for different industry sectors. Starting from banking, finance, and insurance companies, today, many entrepreneurs are ready to jump on the blockchain bandwagon. We can predict that blockchain app development companies will introduce new solutions for different sectors in the coming years, and therefore, it is better to assess your company’s requirements and consult a reputed blockchain solutions provider before deciding on business solutions.

Source URL :  Silicon IT Hub

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