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I Tried Brushy Lake Fitness Center And Here’s What Happened

Brushy Lake Fitness Center opened in my neighborhood two months ago and I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. I’ve been working out regularly with one of those small home-based fitness devices, but it just isn’t the same as going to the gym with other people around me doing the same thing. I am more of a social person and enjoy working out with others around me that are like-minded and are also trying to reach their fitness goals.

The workout

After trying out some classes at Brushy Lake fitness center, I’ve learned a few things. First, they have an awesome gym with lots of cardio machines that are always in great shape. It was really clean during my visit—the equipment is new and all their benches were wiped down.

The locker rooms are standard, but they have plenty of clean towels on hand to use during your workout. I tried one of their Zumba classes on Thursday night and had a blast! There were tons of people in attendance so it was very social while being super fun to dance around and do zumbas with everybody else.

Their instructors have a ton of energy themselves so you’ll be able to keep up with them no problem! If you’re looking for a good time and want to get into shape, try checking out Brushy Lake fitness center! The experience:

When I walked into Brushy Lake fitness center, everyone was incredibly nice! They greeted me right away and even asked if I’d ever been there before. They took me to where everything was located pretty quickly after asking me what kind of workout I wanted to do (which makes sense since most gyms organize their facilities by type).

One thing about my first visit that bothered me though is how there weren’t any employees available when we went over our membership options—they just handed us papers to fill out without explaining anything.

The facility of Brushy Lake Fitness Center

I arrived at Brushy Lake Fitness Center to find a large, open-air space with expansive windows looking out onto an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The ceilings were high, but there was nothing looming or imposing about it; I had expected for a workout environment to be more cramped than that.

The floor was a beautiful hardwood design and there were couches lining one side of one wall – making me wonder why people wouldn’t want to use them instead of exercising on them! Perhaps their backs hurt after spending so much time on them anyway..

Nevertheless, it was obvious that with such nice seating outside of different business offices in sunny California, lots of companies would send their employees to fitness center for relaxation as well as exercise. There is even a sauna! That’s right – you can work up a sweat and then relax in a steam room afterwards.

That seems like a great way to end your day if you ask me. The equipment: The staff members are very knowledgeable when it comes to helping you figure out what kind of equipment will best suit your needs and how to properly use it.

They have treadmills, elliptical machines, stair climbers, free weights (barbells and dumbbells), kettle bells (you may have seen them on TV!), rowing machines (for those who enjoy water sports), stationary bikes, medicine balls (they’re great for building core strength), stability balls (great for balance training)… basically everything you need to get fit from head to toe.

Brushy Lake Fitness Center

The people

I was impressed with everyone I interacted with during my visit. From people working out in class to other visitors at reception, everyone seemed friendly and happy to help. The employees all struck me as truly motivated people—I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that there’s no place like home when it comes to gym memberships.

When you see their faces every day (and are surrounded by their energy) it’s hard not to want to put in extra effort into your workouts. And, if nothing else, they make sure to offer snacks after each workout! The equipment: They have a wide variety of equipment for any type of workout imaginable.

They had everything from cardio machines to free weights and even a small outdoor area for running or playing tennis. If they didn’t have something specific I wanted to use they were very quick to accommodate me and show me where I could find what I needed.

There is also an indoor pool which is always a plus! The facility: As someone who has been a member of several gyms over time, one thing that stands out about Fitness Center is how clean it is compared to others I’ve been too. Also, considering its size, it never feels crowded.

On top of that, they keep plenty of towels available so you don’t have to worry about going back to your locker between sets. Overall experience: My overall experience was fantastic. I would highly recommend and will be returning myself soon!

The price

$200 per month. I’m a fairly active person, so I was able to budget for a $200-per-month membership at my local gym. I paid $100 upfront, with a six-month commitment to pay off the remaining $100 (with automatic payments from my bank account).

Since membership is monthly, you have no reason to miss or forget about paying your monthly fee because it comes out of your checking account automatically each month. If you’re more of an on-again, off-again exerciser like me.

You might be better served by another option—but I’ve never forgotten Daily Fitness Tips my gym membership payment because it’s always been set up in my checking account as recurring payments (the way any other bill would be set up). So far, so good. The staff: Friendly and helpful. The staff members are friendly and helpful.

They know most of their clients by name, which makes me feel welcome when I walk through their doors every day. The facilities: Clean! My gym has three main areas: cardio equipment, free weights/strength training equipment, and a group exercise room with classes such as yoga, Zumba, spin class, etc.

Brushy Lake Fitness Center

Final Thoughts

All three areas are clean and well maintained; nothing feels old or broken down here! The equipment: Top-notch! When I first joined my current gym nearly two years ago now (yes!), they had brand new machines that had just been installed in January 2013—so everything was shiny new.

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