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Off Beaten Places on Your Hunza Valley Tour

Hunza over the past 5 years or so has become the top tourist destination both among international and local travelers. A lot of suggestions on must-see things have become so common and become mainstream but let me tell you the mountainous regions have a lot to offer which the tourist guide maps will not tell you. From a local perspective who has extensively visited every hamlet and done a lot of treks (fact). I would discuss and suggest to you some least-known places call them the hidden gems and actually have a lot to offer, ranging from easy day hikes to some Treks.

If you’re reading this somewhere at the back of your mind you’re thinking of a Hunza valley tour or perhaps you’ve been there already and ended up reading this.

Here is my list

Baldiyat Meadows in Your Hunza Valley Tour

Overviews :

Baldiyat meadows is an alpine forest(yes there are alpine forests in Hunza) a rarity though, located at an altitude of almost 3500 m but the exact height would depend on how farther you go. It’s a summer pasture for the local village of Attabad. The lake attabad got its name from the village adjacent to it while going from karimabad towards attabad lake in the upper region of Hunza (gojal) just before you enter the first tunnel built by the Chinese and Pakistan government you would see attabad village standing right above the lake, a small hamlet precariously standing on the edge of sheer cliff hosting a total number of 100 households. And importantly you can do it in a day but I would strongly recommend starting the day really early. You don’t need to take a tent or canisters there are shepherd huts and plenty of wood all along. There is plenty of water all along

Getting There Part I

You have two options either you start walking from KKH towards the starting point of the trail or you may hire a local will jeep 4*4 which will save you 2 hours of walking on a dangerous jeep-able road climbing zig-zag up offering some unseen breathtaking views from the southern end of attabad lake. Just before the first tunnel, the jeep would take a detour from the main KKH to a dirt road onto the other side of the bank crossing a wire bridge good enough to cross by cars. But you have the option to begin your walk slowly from the main KKH if you decide to go by foot but again depending upon strength and willingness to spend more, you can decide wisely.

Getting There Part 2

So after you get to the end of the jeep able road either by foot or by Jeep your actual hike start. In the first part it’s a bit tricky to figure out the trail as it passes through orchards if you meet any locals ask for directions if you don’t just don’t worry all you have to do is find out the water channel running vertically along above the attabad village. The length of the channel should be approx. 1.5 km again offering great views of attabad lake and the vista around it. Towards the end of the channel keep climbing upwards for another 3 hrs. through the dense alpine forest. The trail is friendly with no hazards but always remember not to go to the end of the ridges or you will be stuck there.

Once you are up you will see this giant shepherd’s hut with plenty of dried wood scattered all around. It’s a very quiet place offering some great views of unmade peas

Sharaingching And Queen Victoria Monument


This is a very easy hike that shouldn’t take more than 1.5 hrs offering bird-eye views of Hunza valley and all the major peaks Rakaposhi, Diran, Golden Peak, and Ultar Peak. It also offers some nice views of the ultar glacier. Queen Victoria monument got its name after the British conquest of Hunza in Dec 1891. The other name “Sharingchin” means mound or remains. In the early stone Age of Hunza, there were tribal wars so the tribe Diramiting settled here from a defensive point of view to protect themselves from fierce attacks from rival tribes. As of this day, there are small remains indicating humans inhabited this place. I came across a very ancient piece still intact( a local chessboard) type thing with 4 holes on a stone plate almost the size of an iron table.

Getting There

The trail starts right below the baltit Fort and a signpost indicating Ultar meadows trek. Do not go in the direction of the Ultar gorge instead take the stairs through the local settlement of Dirmaishal. Do asks local all along after a certain point just follow the water channel and once you get to the base of monument make sure to always keep to the left and do not attempt to climb it from the front. The trail is easy. All great views are on the way. Many miss out on these little hikes on the Hunza valley tour. Once you’re at the top of a monument, enjoy your snacks and take some pictures. From here to proceed to  Sharinghching it’s a 3 minutes walk. Follow the water channel running towards the barren land in front of Hon pass after a hundred yards climb the sand slope up and, here starts the rocky part, a bit technical keep walking you’ll find out that there has been human intervention as stairs as you reach up there it opens up to even greater views. Here as I said in the introductory part you will find out the old Chess board game carved on a rock plate. Enjoy the great vistas and ensure you get back in town before it gets done. A very good thing up there is you have mobile phone signals in the middle of the mountains.

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