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How Your Reception Desk Reflects on Your Company

Every office has reception desk furniture that greets prospective clients as they walk into the office. There are many kinds of reception desks. Each type has its particularity about the area the desk will be placed. We’ll be looking at the different forms Reception Desk in Philippines today are found. What are they like, how do they function, and, most importantly, what do they say to your clients and the image you portray of your company. Desks for reception are available in various designs; however, at the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll see a simple desk for work, or you can find a massive walled, custom-designed desk.

The famous custom-built reception desk is the first style I’ll speak about. The desk style looks like you’re stepping up to the judicial table to discuss with an official judge. If you want to feel the impression of a judge, we often refer to this design as the Judicial Desk. The desks are high from the front and generally average 4 to 5 feet in height. The tall and massive Judicial type of desk is much more than an office; it could be a symbol of Reception Desk Rod-39. There’s often space for more than one person who works behind this model, as well as the raised platform that allows receptionists to see out and over the vast desk.

A step back from the traditional judicial desk can be the mini-Judge. A mini judge is simply a smaller, less intimidating version that is a subset of that of the Judicial Desk. This style is more petite. It is impossible to get the higher ground for your receptionists to sit on, nor will there be space for at least one receptionist in many instances. As a complete contrast to that of the Judicial Desk, you have the standard desk. A desk that resembles a computer workstation desk. It could be the design that complements your decor more effectively. However, this type of desk often blends in with other office desks, creating a bit of a hassle for guests.

If you choose this style, you separate it from the rest in its particular area of welcome to prevent confusion. The most confusing option compared to the standard office desk is using an ordinary cubicle desk. If it’s within your budget, stay clear of this. It’s just unattractive. The last model of the reception desk we’ll discuss is a grand-table reception desk. The elegant table look is exactly how it is sounded. It is a large flat table that is a desk. In this design, there are no shelves, cubbyholes, or levels different from the Reception Desk Rod-40.

This is a table with a flat top. It’s also one in the grand style, that is, it is carved with many legs, as well as the corners and the front. This type of desk is simple yet demonstrates elegance in every way. Decide on the one you like best. Based on the design and feel you’re aiming to achieve; your options are likely to pick between Judge as epic and Judge to elegant and essential or even primary and often complicated. The receptionist’s office can convey much about the company. Choose wisely.

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