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How We Get Food Packaging Labels?

Since 2011, the labeling of foodstuffs must comply with  regulations on consumer health information and protection. This is why AGIS Labels, manufacturer and supplier of labeling solutions since 1986, presents its wide range of food labeling products suitable for selling your products.

What is Food Labeling?

the sale of foodstuffs is framed by strict labeling regulations allowing the consumer to be informed about the product he is likely to consume. This regulation sets out the information that must appear on the product, such as the name of the foodstuff (origin, list of ingredients, etc.), its use (use-by date), or its nutritional value and reference values ​​.

supplier of food labels for over 30 years

Bestoprints Labels has been recognizing for manufacturing blank or personalized labels “Made in USA.” 

For Industrial, commercial, identification, or custom labeling, we offer a solution adapted to your products that will delight your customers.

We offer you a wide range of Labels for Food Packaging, to communicate the necessary information to consumers (country of origin, nutritional value, ingredients, date of consumption, etc.) or to enhance your product thanks to nutritional and health indications.

The choice of ethical and ecological labeling

Many companies wish to be part of an environmental approach. That’s why you can print your food labels on biodegradable materials. These products respect the environment, and your quality labels are more durable over time.

Our ecological food labels are made:

  • Made of fiber cane paper;
  • In biodegradable materials;
  • Made of eco-friendly kraft;
  • Made from recycled paper;
  • In biosourced materials

Discover our range of customizable ecological labels available for the food trade.

Labels specially designed for your foodstuffs.

Since the establishment of standards for food labeling, manufacturers are obliged to inform their consumers so as not to mislead them. 

Opt for our range of DIRECT food contact-approved adhesive labels to declare the origin, nutritional content, and other legal and regulatory information on your dry or wet, and non-fatty foods.

Discover our complete range of labeling for your food products

AGIS Labels, manufacturer and supplier of labeling solutions since 1986, has a wide range of self-adhesive labels for packaging your Food Packaging Labels, such as your wine bottles, your ready meals, your oil-based products ( vegetable or animal), your dry products, or your fresh products.

The wine label

With more than 30 years of experience, we offer self-adhesive wine labels in different materials that will dress your wine bottles. Rather than contemporary or traditional, opt for a high-quality title adapted to the spirit of your company and its use.

Freezing label

Inform your consumers about the composition and nutritional value (thanks to the Nutri-Score ) of your frozen food products with our self-adhesive labels intended for freezing.

Our labels are resistant up to – 80°, so you can tell your consumers the origin of your products (such as the places of birth, breeding, and slaughter of the meat used to produce your ready meals) without their quality and readability are not affected by the cold.

These freezer labels are also suitable for the pharmaceutical sector and laboratories, including in versions resistant to cryogenics (-196°C).

The anti-grease label

For optimal results and impeccable quality, we also offer a wide range of labels specially designed to resist the fatty substances of your products intended for Food Packaging Labels. Thanks to its anti-grease treatment, our matte-looking paper label will allow you to decorate your products based on vegetable or animal oils and fats without penetrating the paper’s fiber.

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