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How To Wash Disabled Persons’ Hair On Bed?

Perhaps, one of the biggest issues when caring for someone who has a bedridden condition is maintaining their personal hygiene.

Haircare is a crucial component of the process. It can affect a person’s perception of well-being, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Dry shampoo, shampoo that doesn’t rinse or wipe the hair with damp cloths may help however nothing can beat an extensive hair wash using water. How do you accomplish that if you are unable to shower or bathe? If you wash their hair while in the bedroom and you want to accomplish this without creating a mess in the bed and the space?

It’s not as difficult as you imagine. It could be. All you require are the appropriate tools. In particular, you need an inflatable shampoo bowl. The design was created with bed-bound people in mind, they’re easy to use, simple to fill up, and simple to clean.

The procedure requires some preparation. However, it’s well worth the effort. A thorough wash using regular shampoo and water can’t be beaten. It will help your adult more relaxed and help keep their hair healthier.

How To Wash Hair In Bed Without A Mess:

This informative 3-minute video will guide you through the essential steps involved in the process. It’s always beneficial to look at it instead of just reading.

We’ve also listed the items you’ll require and the steps you need to follow. Also included are some other useful tips.

What You’ll Need:

Inflatable shampoo bowl for washing hair

Towels and washcloths

Shampoo, conditioner. It is recommended to use the patient’s own.

Hair Comb (patient’s own)


A bucket of warm water

Cup to scoop water

The empty bucket is used to eliminate dirty water

What To Do Before You Start:

Make sure you have all the equipment and tools you’ll require before the time Make sure that they are within reach.

Before the guest gets settled in, ensure that they don’t have to go to the bathroom.

It is important to ensure that the children have privacy and that the area is cozy and free of drafts.

Be sure that they are warm and warm before starting

Always discuss the entire process you intend to do.

12 Steps To Washing Hair In Bed:

Make sure you have all your tools laid out to ensure that you’ve got everything you’ll need and close by.

If your basin doesn’t have a water bag installed you can make sure to fill one bucket with warm water.

It is important to place the person in a towel or a waterproof cover under the person to safeguard the mattress.

Take a towel and cover them and wrap the towel around their shoulders.

If they want, they can put a lid on their eyes using an icy washcloth to shield them from shampoo and water.

Place the head of the person in the inflatable shampoo bowl. Ask the person to inform you whether they are uncomfortable in this position at any point.

Be sure the basin is set to drain out into the empty bucket. Next with the smaller scoop jug remove the water from the disposable bowl and apply it to the hair of the patient. Alternately, turn on the faucet on the water bag. Begin by focusing on the front hairline and letting the water be drained away and away from the face, staying clear of the eyes and ears.

Then apply the shampoo, and rub it into your hair. Make use of a small amount of shampoo to wash hair. Too excessive amounts will make it difficult to rinse the hair.

With the help of the Jug (or tap) wash the hair of the patient with water. Scoop warm water and rinse hair completely.

If hair is extremely dirty, wash it with shampoo and then rinse again

Use conditioner, as requested by the patient, then wash hair once more.

Once you’re done, gently pat the hair using a towel to get rid of the water that has accumulated.

Remove their heads gently from the basin.

Cover their head with a towel that is dry to keep warm and cozy

Be sure that the basin has been completely cleaned

Watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to wash your hair at night for someone who has limitations in mobility (3 minutes)

For Extra Comfort, Consider:

Make sure to plug your ears with cotton balls to stop water from entering.

Line the neck openings with a soft towel to shield them from rough or scratchy seams of plastic.

Make use of a relaxing lavender-scented shampoo to relax.

After shampooing, give your client a mirror while you style their hair, in case they’d like to assist or provide input on the style.

This hair wash basin that is inflatable is equipped with a water bottle and is perfect for washing the hair of elderly bedridden and disabled patients. It is easy to inflate, simple to use, and simple for cleaning and disinfecting. Made of durable and strong plastic, it comes with an aerator for draining.

Perfect for washing hair in the bed

Strong durable plastic

It is easy to inflate and use, simple to clean and clean and.

The draining hose is included

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