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How to Use Microsoft Word for Free (No subscriptions required!)

Microsoft Word is a very important program that can be used in many different ways. However, most people don’t have access to it without paying the $8/month subscription fee to Office 365 or buying the entire Microsoft Office Suite outright. That’s where I come in! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to use Word with no charge and at no cost!

Microsoft Word Basics

Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft. It has become the standard in most households, work places, and schools. For a limited time, if you need help with Word or would like to learn how to use it, there are tutorials you can access at no cost on YouTube.

Insert Table

You can insert a table in your document by clicking on Insert, then on the Table option. It will automatically set up a table that is appropriate for your document, if you’re working with an existing document or blank document. If you need to manually insert a table, follow these steps: *You’ll want to insert at least two rows of cells– one column and one row. One should be below the other. Inserting them doesn’t work because when you go back later and edit, it will delete the text that goes into the cell. * You need at least three cells in each row– otherwise it’s not a table!

Create a Document from Scratch

To create a document from scratch, open a new document and go to the INSERT tab at the top of the screen. Click on Text. This will add a text box in your document. Type in whatever you want inside the text box, such as Hello world! and click enter. You can make changes by clicking inside the text box or by typing your changes into another text field and then copying them over. You can move your cursor around with the arrows or with clicking on a different word than what you are currently typing on.

Editing Options

Microsoft offers a free way to edit and create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more with their cloud-based Office suite. It’s super easy and the only requirements are that you have a Microsoft account (or sign up for one). Follow the steps below to create your own documents from scratch in minutes.

1) Sign in with your email address and password when prompted.

 2) Click on New Document. You’ll have a variety of options, such as creating a blank document, adding and inserting photos, or writing out a story. Choose what you want and click Create. You should now see a new document that’s ready for editing! If you want more help with what your options are in Office, just click on See all templates at the top of your screen and you can read about how each template works.

Formatting Options

It’s important that the formatting of your document is clear and easy to follow. To format in MS Word, you will use Styles, Headers and Footers, Table of Contents. More information on these can be found below.

 Here are some examples of how to use these options. To use a header, put your cursor where you want your header, then click Insert>Header and Footer. You can also insert headers and footers in both landscape and portrait formats by using their respective buttons on that toolbar. You will see something like Header1 at the top of your page or document, which is where you want to start typing your header text. In order to change its format (size, color), go up to Format>Style>Header 1. The same goes for a footer: Format>Style>Footer 1. These two buttons are only visible if you have either a Header or Footer selected; make sure you’ve created one before proceeding with styling it!

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