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How to track your employees time and attendance online – 2022 Guide

Proper management of your business is essential for success and future prosperity. By tracking the metrics for each of your workers, you get a better picture of individual productiveness and investment in work. This makes online time and attendance tools essential for every firm.

Not only you’ll be able to do better workforce management, but you’ll receive more satisfaction from your staff. Nobody will be overflowed with work, and the pay will be appropriate for each employee’s performance and time spent working.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the ways you can manage to track the time and attendance of your employees with the main focus on online options. Keep reading and find out more.

Attendance tracking software

Due to the modern way of business functioning and various workplaces, lots of companies have implemented an employee attendance tracker program. With that, they acquire information about the time each employee arrives and leaves work and inserts that into a table.

This lets the managers notice potential frauds, people being constantly late and demanding pay like usual. On the contrary, you get the chance to see which workers are doing their best so you can award them properly and motivate them further.

The system is quite simple and has lots of functions you can use. For example, you get the exact time each worker has put in work. With that, you can proceed your payments through the software and minimize the error possibility.

In addition, you can create tasks so the staff can fill in their progress. Some programs let you track what is on the screen of your employees or track the addresses they use. This gives you important information and sees whether you need to provide them more breaks to maintain performance.

Consider biometrics

To be completely sure that the system you implemented is resistant to malpractice, many programs have biometric options. With that, each employee logs in with their face or fingers as a security mechanism for identity proof.

Especially since the program can be used on mobiles that already have these biometric features, accurate log-ins and perfect results are easily achieved. In addition, it is important to understand that personal data is safe and that information is highly secure.

With accurate information about each worker’s hours, the online time and attendance tool bring you a step closer to accurate payment.


Since many companies are using remote or combined methods of work, worksheets are another option that can be used for online time and attendance tracking methods. The manager provides a worksheet with all the assignments, and the employee writes their time manually and sands it for verification.

While this method is okay for small companies, tracking attendance with this method becomes exhausting in larger firms. In addition, the information is not as accurate as the methods from above so you’ll have to rely on trust.

This results inaccurate payments, and potential errors which decrease the satisfaction of your workers. For that reason, most companies have implemented online time and attendance solutions and made their job easier while increasing the functionality of their firm.

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