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How to survive on a desert Island?

When it comes to Islands, many of you might be thinking of 25th Island of Greece, which is trending on social media nowadays. But today, we are not going to talk much about that. Instead, we will have some inclination towards the survival of inhabited Islands of the world. There are so many Isles on the earth which are not explored and habited by people, as a result of which finding resources for living on such Islands is an excellent deal for travelers. Here you will get tips to survive on such deserted Islands easily.

What is a desert island?

The people do not habit a Desert Island because of its topographical and geographical conditions. These Islands are not suitable to stay for humans, and that is why they remain wild and lack all resources for travelers. It is very challenging for people to visit and camp in such a isles. So if you are also considering going to such Islands, which are the least explored, here are the best tips to ensure survival in such a place

5 Top ways and tricks to ensure survival on desert Isle

Look at the top five ways to easily ensure good survival on a desert Island without any problem.

  1. Source of Fire

One of the primary things you need on the Islandis Fire to cook your food, warm up your body, and for many other reasons. Listing fire is more challenging than we do at home with a machete, and you have to find a suitable alternative. There are several ways to light a fire using the principle of magnification of sun rays to light the fire, rubbing stones, and many other ways. So this is how you can quickly burn the fire in desert island woods by adopting these tips.

  1. Food for survival on inhabited Isle

Food and energy are the primary requirements after oxygen for humans. We cannot be supposed to live without food for a long while. So it is essential to manage a good food source for the same purpose. On desert Island, you can opt for coconuts or fish differently. So pluck the naïve coconut buds and eat them by roasting them in a fire, while others prefer coconut water. You can also rely on fishing, readily available in places like the Islands.

  1. Where to find shelter on Desert Island

Finding shelter to feel that you have a home takes work when you are on a desert island. Winds, storms, and heavy breezes can blow away your cover within seconds. So make sure to manage as sturdy as your rood; it can be underneath a tree with a lot of bushes and build a canopy. This is how you can manage to have shelter on an inhabited Island. Tying tree leaves and small bushes on pillars of wood or old trees are options to ensure your protection.

  1. How to get away with pest bites

When you fulfill all your necessities like food, shelter, fire, and other things, you have to ensure a good sleep free of pests. You can find natural pest repellents or burn wet shrubs to create a smoky environment that can repel the pests very well. So this is how you can ensure good health of yourself also.

  1. Fresh water on Desert island

The last but most important thing you will require on a desert Island is water which is hard to find anyway. You can find yourself lucky to get rain water when it showers in the sky or a freshwater body which is very rare on such Islands. So it is better to store the water you have taken and use it wisely. Getting fresh water is not easy on Islands which are not habited by the crowd.


So this is how you can survive on an Isle that the people do not so populate. Hardly people go to such islands except for a few curious souls. As a result of which, survival in such places is very tough. One needs to be very careful and well-researched before planning a trip to any such Islandin the world. This is because it may prove very risky if you go without any research to such desert Islands, which do not support everyday life at all.

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John Oliver
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