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How to Set up a Strong Password

Having a weak password for any account puts you at risk of hacking and fraud. So, what are you doing to free yourself of this worry? You need to immediately get down to changing your password because it is an important security measure to take for a safe online experience. Here are some steps you can follow to set up a strong password for any of your accounts online.

The Sequence is a No

As much help as a sequence might give you in remembering your password, having it can be a major disadvantage because anyone can guess it quickly.

A sequence of letters is just as valid as a sequence of numbers, such as “5678” or “789.” If you’re utilizing letters or numbers, don’t linearly arrange them. In contrast to a password that is easily predictable in its arrangement, one that is difficult to crack. If you keep this in mind and avoid using the typical order of digits and letters, your account will be safe and secure.

Your internet connection plays a huge role in keeping your data secure. Fiber-based internet connection is safer than a cable connection because the data transfer is encrypted. It can be a challenge to find internet providers offering a reliable connection. In this situation, Windstream is a great option as they offer fiber-based internet service to 18 states. To ensure availability in your area, get in touch with a customer service representative by calling the Windstream servicio al cliente

Do Not Include Your Birth Date

Be it your birthday or your birth month, avoid using them in your password because these two things are way too predictable. Make sure not to include any information about your birthday since they are publicly available information.

We can all recall our birthdays, so go above and beyond and substitute another word for this in your password.

Utilize Your Entire Keyboard

Your keyboard has so many letters, numbers, and symbols for a purpose. Additionally, you can use symbols in your password on a lot of websites and social media platforms and have been able to for a very long time.

It’s now up to you to create the strongest password you can by making the best use of the entire keyboard. To create a strong password, it is advised to use a combination of eight letters, numbers, or symbols. You can assume that your password is secure as long as it contains symbols.

Another neat tip is to use uppercase and lowercase letters to make it even harder to access for anybody else.

Do Not Use Words Exactly As They Are

You can utilize several words from the dictionary if you’re having problems coming up with the proper words for your password. There is a caveat, though: you aren’t supposed to use the words exactly as they are! How is that even doable?

Let’s say your password contains the word “delightful,” but you won’t use it exactly as it is. Instead, you can make the password stronger by using letters, numbers, and symbols. To make it more powerful, you can alter delicious to D3L1g#tFU1_. Try using this strategy for another term you find interesting.

Use a Password Manager

An overlooked method for managing your passwords is using a password manager. In the past, you could have kept a journal or entered your passwords into a document, but now a password manager can help.

Nowadays, most browsers come with a password manager, but if your business offers one, that’s also a good idea. If you choose a strong password and believe it could be difficult for you to remember it, you can put it in a password manager because it can store even the most complex passwords you maintain. You can copy and paste the password from the password manager the next time it is required!

Don’t Reuse Your Passwords

Last but not least, refrain from using the same password on any website or app where you register. If someone learns the password to one website where you have an account, they will also know the password to all the others.

Never share your passwords with anyone, ever. It may be your spouse, your friends, your family, the IT department, or even your coworkers. Reusing your passwords will just make all of your other passwords vulnerable.

Final Thoughts

Using these steps, you can stop worrying about your passwords being guessed by someone else. These steps promise safety and security for all your accounts while making sure that only you get to access them!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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