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How to Research and Find Welding Equipment?

Starting a welding business is one way to be self-employed and your own boss. But, starting out correctly will make the difference between succeeding and coming up short. When starting any kind of new business, it is important to take the time and make the effort to research the type of business, see if there is a market for the goods or services, and determine what kind of competition there is. Then, it is important to get advice from the small business administration or its equivalent in the town the business will be located in. 

Starting a Business the Right Way 

A person contemplating starting a business needs to research what is involved with the proposed type of business. What equipment and materials or products are needed? How much money will it take to open this business? Are there small business loans available? What licensing and other local requirements exist for new business owners to comply with? Will employees be needed? How will the business attract customers?  Talking to small business advisors is important.

If the new business will be a welding business, it will need welding equipment that will perform and withstand commercial use. How does a new business person find welding equipment? One way is to do a little research online for the type of business that will be opened. What type of jobs will be performed? What are the business limitations? How will the new business survive and grow in the future? 

Contact welding supply companies such as Arc Solutions, Inc., and reach out to their experts for advice and guidance. Find out if they have refurbished or used equipment as well as new equipment. Their experts can match the new business person with the products, equipment, and services they will need going forward.

The ideal welding supply distributor can meet all of a business’s needs, including welding products, automation, plasma cutting, machine repair, wire, and consumable product needs. They can help the new business person buy what they need to do a good job for customers without wasting money on inappropriate equipment choices.

Take these steps to start a welding company:

  • Understand what is required in the welding trade, such as hard work, safety precautions, precision skills, and attention to detail. This is a physically demanding job.
  • Make an effort to get the right experience before going out and starting a business. Training can be obtained at community colleges, the military, a local welder’s union, or on-the-job training with the right employer.
  • Find out what part of the welding industry is a good fit. Welders can find jobs in construction, manufacturing, infrastructure, automotive, creative arts, underwater, or general purpose. Find the best fit.
  • Get the right certifications for the part of the welding industry chosen.

Why Start a Welding Business?

Welders are in high demand for all the commercial construction going on in the U.S. A person first needs the right training and experience. A qualified welder can find plenty of work in this country and abroad. A person can start as a single proprietor and grow the company over time by hiring additional welders.

Some Basic Welding Tools

Every industry has basic tool and equipment requirements. The welding industry requires a unique collection of equipment including:

  • Auto-darkening Welding Helmet
  • Welding magnets to hold pieces in place and welding fabrication.
  • A welding framing jig to help get 90-degree angles.
  • The speed square for job accuracy
  • Sheet metal gauges to find out how thick metal is.
  • Metal files
  • Welding clamps
  • Welding Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Different gasses to help a person weld, bend, or cut.

Each type of welding or individual welding job will have its own equipment requirements.

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