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How to match the wallpaper with tiles

An aesthetic interior that can elevate your mood is what we all desire while designing our dream project. Creating magic by combining two elements is not easy and requires vision and imagination. With the evolution in the construction industry, we all look for innovative ideas to make our space unique and beautiful. We often are confused about what to pick between tiles or wallpaper to pep up the look. Individually they have been quite a success with the homemaker in the past but with the growing demand for creativity, both put together could be the best solution. Wallpaper and tiles in sync can bring about the result you always wanted.

These robust tips will give a kick to your imaginative brain and will inspire you to let go of the mundane look and experiment with the brilliance of wallpapers and tiles.

Colour coordination

Colour plays an important role in creating pieces of art from fun and bold designs. Mix and match, contrasting and complementing colours are welcoming changes to create an unforgettable space. You can choose from minimalistic designs in the wallpaper with subtle colours that are used with decorative tiles. These will help add glamour to the interiors. In case the wallpaper is in a busy pattern, mellow down the look with neutral tiles to maintain a balance. Keeping one element of the two subtle will avoid the overwhelming look and pop the right shade making the interior crisp and charming.

The Rustic appeal 

Take the interiors a notch above with the monochromatic palette that will bring the warmth of nature to your space. Combining two solid shades in earthly hues will be instrumental in creating the rustic yet contemporary style. These when brought in consensus with the rest of the surroundings including the furniture will bring about a flow in the ambiance.

Consistency in colors

While contrasting shades of wallpaper and tiles is a brilliant idea, playing with hues of one color also works wonders. Tiles and wallpaper in a similar color will help bring a bold and dramatic look. Numerous designs and patterns in both tiles and wallpapers are available, which when put together create a unanimous look.

Flowy Florals

The vibrant colors available in these wallpapers coupled with solid color tiles will give your walls a sense of character and charm. A subtle yet appealing colour scheme with not too many patterns in shades of blues and greens are sure to create a gorgeous farmhouse look.

Get playful with designs and textures

Stripes placed vertically or horizontally when paired with solid coloured floor tiles are a perfect way of a achieving the minimalistic look. Go for pastel shades to avoid a clash in color and bring harmony to the space created. Channelize the artist in you and try geometrical designs of wallpaper to create the magic.

The aqua effect

Oceanic colors have been an all-time favorite on the walls of your bedroom, living space, and even the dining space. Emerald and turquoise are two of our favorite colors that have worked wonders to liven up the interiors. Choose a glossy finish for a slicker look that can be used in a smaller space. This bold and impactful design will not run out of fashion soon. Pick patterns and designs that are not too busy for a trendier and contemporary feel.

Silky satin

Satin independently is quite bold and shiny, which is not used often and remains underrated. It has a smooth clean finish and reflects light to transform the area into a luxurious one. Black and Gold in satin have been an eternal combo that speaks style and glamour. Pair this with neutral tiles to balance the look without restricting the bold avatar of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper ideally should not be used in wet areas that are prone to seepage or moisture. Places like the bathroom and the kitchen are not ideal for the installation of wallpaper. However, with the evolution in this trend, we have come across products specifically designed for these wet spaces. This should be confirmed before they are picked and installed to avoid any potential damage.

We hope to ease out your dilemma of using these two elements together while making your decisions.

At Naveen Tile, we provide professional help in making the right choices for your perfect project. Explore these combination tips of wallpaper and tiles for a much-awaited construction or makeover of your space. You can log onto www.naveentile.com for further assistance and get prompt solutions to all your queries.

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