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How to Make Your Partner or Family Member Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Observing a loved one, friend, or coworker who suffers from an alcohol use disorder can be difficult. You could feel powerless in the situation and unsure whether the individual who needs your support wants it.

Alcoholics are those who struggle with self-control when it comes to drinking. A person with alcoholism has a strong physical and psychological dependence on it. It’s likely that they struggle to control their drinking or that they continue to consume alcohol despite the repercussions. These problems could hurt their health, as well as their personal and professional lives.

Alcoholism ranges in severity from minor to severe. Even patterns that first appear harmless can develop to dangerously high degrees of complexity. Early identification and treatment are beneficial for those with alcohol consumption disorders. The person must ultimately take the initial step toward sobriety, but you can accompany them on their journey in a helpful manner. Keep reading to find out what you can do to help your loved one.

Aid Someone Struggling with Alcoholism

Discover alcoholism

It’s imperative to determine whether your friend or loved one has an alcohol issue before taking action. Alcohol use disorder, sometimes known as alcoholism, is not the occasional binge or two. Alcoholism is not the same as using alcohol as a coping mechanism or social habit. People with alcohol consumption disorders do not drink moderately, even if they insist they only have one drink.

On the websites of the government and programs, more details on how to help someone with an alcohol problem can be obtained. View them to gain a better comprehension of the process and the addiction

Rehearse your speech

Tell the person you care about that you are available and worried. Use language that is uplifting and supportive. Do not be depressing, inhumane, or arrogant.

Using “I” statements, you demonstrate that you accept responsibility for your deeds and are less inclined to level charges. Bringing up a particular concern could be beneficial. You can discuss instances in which drinking led to social or economic problems. Try saying, “I love you and worry that your excessive drinking is damaging your health.

Your best bet is to retain your composure and reestablish your support and respect for the other person, regardless of how they reply. Think of every possible response and get ready for it.

Time and place matter

Find a suitable time to have this conversation. The meeting should take place in a calm, private setting. If you want to maximize the time you have together, you should also make an effort to minimize distractions. Make sure they are not agitated or preoccupied with something else. They must be sober, to begin with.

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Honesty and compassion are key

The best course of action if you have reason to believe that someone is abusing alcohol is, to be honest with them. It won’t help to wait for the person to get better on their own.

Share your worries and desire to support your loved one regarding their drinking. Be prepared for a negative response and expect one. Just try to go along with it if people disagree with your ideas. Maybe they’re in denial, and that’s why they’re angry with your efforts. Do not internalize it. Give them the time and space required to come to an informed conclusion after hearing what they have to say.

Propose your help

Remember that you cannot force someone to attend treatment if they do not willingly wish to do so. The only thing one can do is to help. They have the option of accepting it or not. Try to imagine yourself in their position and consider your behavior. Be kind without being critical.

Even while words are important, actions speak louder. Encourage the person to enroll in a reputable treatment facility. They might also commit to cutting back on their intake. It’s crucial to obtain concrete pledges, then follow up on them.

You might ask your other loved ones if they want to partake in fun. The stakes increase with the seriousness of the situation or the person’s need for solitude.


Compare making a concern-based approach to someone with intervening. The process of staging an intervention is more difficult. The process includes planning, enforcing penalties, communicating, and proposing a viable fix.

An intervention can be required if the patient exhibits considerable treatment resistance. People in the person’s social network (such as family members and coworkers) unite to confront them and nudge them toward seeking assistance. A qualified counselor can be a tremendous help when doing an intervention.


Keep in mind your requirements as well! You could feel various feelings as you support a loved one trying to stay sober. It’s time to see a professional if you’re experiencing extreme concern or depression. Family members of alcoholics may also participate in their programs.

Be independent

It’s simple to develop an emotional attachment to a partner who has drinking problems. After a period, you can feel motivated to do what you can to support your loved one’s recovery. This is known as “codependency.” However, due to their emotional relationships, intimate friends and family rarely have the objective viewpoint required for effective treatment.

Complications such as obsessive behavior, blaming, and mental health issues can develop when codependency is not controlled. Fortunately, there are alternatives to taking on a role in coaching or counseling that you can use to offer support.


Knowing how to approach someone you think has a drinking problem could be challenging. Before starting a conversation, you should try to comprehend their viewpoint. Most importantly, let them know you care about them and that you’ll be there for them whenever they need something.

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