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How to Make Bath Time Enjoyable for Your Baby

Are you apprehensive about bath time with your baby? If you are a first-time parent, you might be worried that your child does not enjoy being in the water. Indeed, there can be some babies that love to splash around and have fun. Then, there are others that find the experience unenjoyable and scary. Of course, as a parent, you hope that your child will enjoy bath time since this is something that will happen several times a week.

Well, know there are things you can do to make sure bath time is a success. This can start off on a good note and make sure your child does not develop a fear of being in the water. Here are some tips for first-time parents.

Create Some Bubbles

Young children love new things to look at, as well as things they can touch. So, this is an element to remember when you are approaching bath time. Of course, you are going to need some bath products to use. So, why not choose one that is going to create bubbles? This can be something new and exciting for your child to experience.

Thankfully, there are many good products you can choose for your child when it comes to bath time. For example, you can look at baby products available at Questmoor Pharmacy. Head to https://www.questmoorpharmacy.co.uk/baby to see what bubble bath products there are. There are many options that are suitable for children and sensitive skin, which can give you peace of mind. So, you can create fun bubbles that are even fragranced, which can keep your child amused. Then, at the same time, they have their skin moisturised.

Choose Fun Toys

Every baby loves toys. There are elements and textures they can interact with, as well as colours and sounds they are fascinated by. So, why not bring toys into the bath tub? If you think that your child might be scared by bath time or take a while to adjust, one way to help this is to have some fun toys around them. This can be a distraction they enjoy.

There are plenty of toys that you can get, especially for bath time. They can float in the water and attach to the side of the bath. So, take a look around and find something you think your child is going to love.

Keep a Positive Energy

If you are apprehensive and nervous about bath time, this is something that can affect your child. Even though they are young, they can feel negative energy and even see it on your face. This has the ability to create negative associations between the bath and your baby.

Of course, this is the last thing you want to happen. So, in order to prevent this, keep a positive and fun energy for your child. Make sure they know that this is a happy time and something that is going to be a good experience. Always have a smile on your face and use uplifting vocabulary.

Take it Slow

Many people think that if they treat bath time like it is normal, babies will get used to it. But how would you feel if you were suddenly plunged into water without any warning? The chances are, you would not like it either. Yes, you want to ensure your child knows this is not a scary experience. But rushing the process is not the way to do it.

Instead, take things slowly with your baby. Introduce them to the water slowly. You could start with the feet or splash your hand around before they get in. Demonstrate that the water is nothing to fear and that it is really fun. Then, you can slowly lower your baby in and get them used to how it feels. Each time they have a bath, you want the interaction with the water to be positive.

Try to Be Patient

As we have mentioned, it is important to take it slow when it is bath time with your child. Some naturally love the water, while other babies are more cautious. This is just something that happens and sometimes, you have no control over it. Just make sure that you are being patient during this journey. Every child moves at their own pace and all you can do is encourage them. When you are patient, you are going to achieve the best results. Even if you are tired, try to match your child’s pace.

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Uneeb Khan
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