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How to Lower GPU Temperature

The graphics processing unit or GPU is the hardware responsible for providing the best graphics and smooth performance on your system. It does this by allocating a separate processing unit to display images and help the CPU run heavy programs.

The GPU itself experiences a heavy load from these programs and processes. This significantly increases the temperature of the graphics unit.

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But sometimes the temperature exceeds the threshold of the GPU and it is forced to go through thermal throttling to save itself. This can be caused by various factors ranging from insufficient airflow to GPU hardware failure.

However, the problem is not insoluble. You can easily normalize the temperature and continue your work. In this article, we will look at simple and proven solutions to reduce GPU temperature.

What causes the GPU temperature to rise?

When we play games or run programs that require a lot of computing power, the temperature of the GPU rises. But the GPU is designed to deal with that thermal spike. Normally it goes up to 85 degrees Celsius. As soon as we stop the program, it returns to its normal state.

The surge must be sustained over a long period of time or the escalation must be massive to qualify as an abnormal GPU temperature rise. This can happen from programs running constantly in the foreground or background, but also from faulty hardware.

Let’s take a look at the different causes of GPU temperature rise.

  • Dust accumulation on the GPU
  • Insufficient airflow to housing and chamber
  • high ambient temperature
  • bad thermal paste
  • Faulty GPU fan
  • overclock
  • GPU update failed

High GPU usage like crypto mining and demanding games

Now, after carefully examining the causes of the increase, let’s focus on the solution to reduce the GPU temperature.

How to lower GPU temperature

While GPUs do experience a fair amount of temperature rise, overheating can severely affect our system. Not only can this drastically reduce system performance, but it can also compromise the integrity of the drive.

However, you can easily fix this problem by taking some precautions and applying some tried and tested solutions. We will go over them in detail below.

Check the GPU fan

working GPU fan

If you have a dedicated graphics unit, you may see a separate set of fans on it. Although it is integrated, you will find a fan above the CPU. These fans keep the GPU temperature under control during operation.

But sometimes the fans are not working properly or just not plugged in and the GPU may not have received enough cooling support. So it’s always the best idea to check first if your GPU fan is spinning or not †

You need to unscrew the CPU case and run the system to see if the GPU fan works. If it’s not working properly, you can take it to a repair center to have them just look at the fan connector or replace the GPU. The CPU fan is not working on an integrated GPU, you probably won’t be able to boot your system at all.

If it is in good condition, you should look for the next solution.

Clean your GPU


Cleaning a system seems too trivial. But it’s one of the most important tasks you need to do to get the most out of your PC.

The GPU cooling fan does its job by circulating the surrounding air. Along with the air, it brings dust and dirt. Even without a fan, dust cannot be prevented from entering the GPU. Therefore, the GPU accumulates a lot of dirt on it and the fan blade over time.

This leads to clogging of the fan. The powder also acts as an insulator, preventing heat from dissipating out of the GPU. Ultimately, this leads to GPU overheating while using it.

Therefore, you should always follow a proper cleaning procedure to fix this problem. Let’s look at a simple cleanup process you can use.

unscrew that computer case and open it up.

Link the . loosen GPU from the power supply and also loosen the screws.power to gpu

Bring a blazer and start blowing the dust outside.clean computers

expand Cleaning process to other system hardware as well.

After a thorough cleaning tighten the screws and start your PC.

Side panel

Check GPU temperature for improvements. You can quickly view the GPU temperature by following the methods below.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Go performance tab and find GPU 0 and GPU 1 †

You can see the particular graphic entity that each one of them shows.

Click on each of them. Note GPU temperature at the bottom of the window.gpu temperature in task manager

Compare the temperature with what you saw before. However, excessive or deep cleaning of a system can have a negative impact. It can damage both the heat sinks and the connection within the circuitry. Therefore, you must be very careful when doing this.

Correct airflow and cool room.

good airflow

We tend to gather all our stuff in one place so we don’t have to get up every time. And if it is a small and isolated room, what more can we ask for? Cluttered space, both in the PC case and in the room, can negatively affect the performance of your GPU.

If your GPU fan isn’t getting enough air to circulate, it doesn’t matter how powerful your fan is. Worse yet, if the box is small, there is no room for the hot flowing air to exit the box. This increases the temperature of your GPU, reducing power †

Also, when the room is hot, the fan circulates the same hot air that does not have any effect on cooling anything.

Therefore, you should always ensure proper airflow in your system and room. You can use a cooler room with good ventilation to store your PC. If it is not feasible for you, you can open the windows and install an external fan in the room while using the system.

Likewise, consider a larger CPU case that can take full advantage of a few fans. Next, you need to mount the fan so that cool air enters the case from one set of fans and the other fans serve as exhaust.

For a laptop, set up your PC on a hard floor instead of a bed and pillow to allow good air circulation. We also recommend that you opt for a laptop cooling pad.

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