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How to login Hotstar account on smart TV: Step-by-step guide

The Indian Premier League 2020 will feature Disney+ Hotstar as the official streaming partner. The following is a detailed walkthrough of how to log in to your Hotstar account on a smart TV.

A platform for watching videos online is known as Hotstar. It encompasses a wide range of media types and languages, including movies, television shows, news broadcasts, sporting events, and more. The only streaming partner for the IPL in 2020 will be Disney+ Hotstar. Additionally, it is providing a free additional thirty days of subscription time to any and all new VIP subscribers who sign up.

You can get access to a wide variety of content on the application by subscribing to Hotstar Premium, which will allow you to watch your favourite shows as well as the Indian Premier League. After subscribing, you’ll be able to watch Hotstar on your television. After you have signed up for Hotstar, accessing your account is very simple.

Follow these steps to log in to your Hotstar account from TV:

To login your account go to hotstar.com or hotstar application and follow the below steps:

The first thing you should do is turn on your television.

Step 2: After that, navigate to the applications menu on your smart TV and launch the Disney+ Hotstar application.

Step 3: Once that is complete, navigate to the ‘My Account’ section of the application or attempt to play any paid content within the app.

Step 4: A code will appear before you.

Step 5: Activate your account by going to www.hotstar.com/activate on both your mobile device and your computer.

Now, sign in to your “Disney+ Hotstar” account. This is the sixth step.

Step 7: After that, key in the code that was presented on the television.

What Devices Is Hotstar Disney+ Compatible With?

The following are some of the devices that are compatible with Hotstar Disney+:

Smart TVs

The Apple TV

Chromecast, Roku, and the Amazon Fire TV

Mobile platforms such as Android and iOS

How Much Does Hotstar Disney+ Cost?

The standard plan for Hotstar Disney+ costs 899 rupees (or about $149) per year, while the premium plan costs 1,499 rupees (or about $28).

Setting Up Hotstar Disney+ Via hotstar.com/id/activate

You can activate your Hotstar Disney+ subscription by going to hotstar.com/id/activate and following the steps below:

Find the Hotstar Disney+ app by going to the app store for your smart TV and searching for it.

Get the app by downloading and installing it.

Launch the application.

To log in, please enter the details of your account. You are able to create a new Hotstar account even if you do not currently have one of your own.

After you have successfully logged in, you will be prompted to activate your device. You can accomplish this by going to hotstar.com/id/activate on your mobile device or computer and entering the code that is shown on your television screen.

Your most-loved movies and television shows are now available to stream in full-length on Hotstar Disney+.

One important fact to keep in mind is that Hotstar Disney+ is currently only available in India. A virtual private network (VPN) is required to access Disney+ Hotstar when travelling outside of the United States.

Do not refresh the page containing the activation code on the web browser of your mobile device or the activation code will become invalid.

Contact the customer support team for assistance in setting up your Hotstar Disney+ account or activating your device if you experience any difficulties doing so.

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