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How to learn to ride a hoverboard? Instruction

Hoverboard is a board that has two large wheels that are connected to a platform and a motor that provides the rider with propulsion. The hoverboard uk can be controlled by one person and can reach a top speed of up to 12 miles per hour.

Although manufacturers call mini segways intuitive transport many beginners are intimidated by these two-wheeled platforms. How do you even ride a thing with no steering wheel, support, or two wheels?

Driving a hoverboard – like a regular segway – is not difficult. These are the basics we are going to talk about.

What do you need to know before riding a hoverboard?

First of all, read the instructions for your scooter. Make sure it’s correctly assembled, charged, and ready to ride. In the future, please do the same: inspect the mini Segway for malfunctions and charge it to avoid unpleasant surprises before each trip.

Next: Choose a territory suitable for the first trips. It should be flat (unless you have 10-inch wheels ) and a reasonably spacious area (at least 5×5 meters) without any obstacles. An empty parking lot is good. Ideally, you have a friend who will help you learn how to ride a hoverboard. In the first minutes, support will be significant in the truest sense of the word.

And finally, we strongly recommend that you use protective equipment: knee pads, elbow pads, helmet. You may still fall; protection will not be excessive in this case.

We get up on a Electric scooter.

Place the scooter in front of a helper or a wall to hold on to. If a friend helps you, he can hold the hoverboard from motion – it will be easier to get up. Put one foot on the platform, and the device turns on: it starts to vibrate. Do not be afraid that he will break out, lean on the foot already standing on the platform and place the second one next.

IMPORTANT: A electric scooter without a handle works so that if you calmly stand on it with both feet, you will not fall anywhere. But if you start waving your arms, swinging – “balancing” – be sure to fall off. So, try not to be nervous: look straight ahead, knees slightly bent, and no unnecessary movements.

When you manage to get on the hoverboard, stand still for a minute or two, get used to the sensations, and you can move on.

How to control a hoverboard?

The mini-segway does not have a steering wheel, and your body acts as its role.

The hoverboard will immediately move forward. The more you lean, the faster the movement will be – up to a certain maximum, usually 15-20 km / h. Further, no matter how you deviate, the hoverboard will not accelerate more strongly.

To stop, lean back. Practice moving in a straight line: ride the hoverboard back and forth.

How to ride a hoverboard? turns

You already know how to drive forward and backwards. It remains to learn the turns. Here, too, everything is decided by the transfer of body weight and the deviation of the body, but there is a nuance:

To turn left, transfer your body weight to the right and turn right – to the left.

Yes, the mirror principle works when riding a hoverboard, and you need to get used to it. At first, it may be uncomfortable for you to press down on the platform with your right foot to turn left, but this discomfort will quickly pass.


The above is already enough information so that after 10-15 minutes of classes, you can move around on a mini-segway. We have a critical piece of advice left to give: move smoothly and don’t rush. The hoverboard reacts very responsively to changes in the position of your body: if you suddenly twitch, it will also move very sharply, and you will most likely fall.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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