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How to Keep a Safe Distance While Walking Your Dog?

Even though walking and exercise are extremely important for both you and your dog, it is high time that you realize that you should maintain a safe distance from your dog specifically while you are out walking together. You might want to think about operating some useful K9 strategies that will assist you in keeping a safe distance between you and your dog.

When you take your dog for walks, it may occasionally happen that your pet will approach you in an unfriendly manner or act in a manner that is completely out of the ordinary. Your dog’s behavior could be a reaction to any of the possible reasons or circumstances that are present there. In addition to this, it might make you feel unsafe, terrified, or threatened.

Even during the height of the covid-19 pandemic, several incidents involving dogs biting or attacking people have been reported worldwide, that too by their pet dogs.

It is presumed that the stretched and limiting conditions brought on by the pandemic affected dogs as well, as it is evident that they began acting strangely as a result of stress and anxiety.

There is a good chance that the pets changed their behavior, becoming more hostile, ill-tempered, and reactive. Therefore, you must maintain a safe distance when you take your dog for walks outside in public places.

It could be due to several reasons. Since, a direct result of the declined amount of physical interaction, as well as the stressful and depressing environment that was present in the area where they were kept.

Safety Steps When Walking Your Dog

1. If you want to keep your dog under control, you should use a leash. If your dog is not used to being walked on a leash, you should think about getting him trained to walk on one. If he is not comfortable beginning with a leash, you should take baby steps with your dog and only let him see other people or dogs walking while using a leash. This will help him feel more comfortable with the idea. Due to this reason, this step is extremely helpful in calming and comforting your dog while you are walking him.

Regarding the leash, you ought to exercise vigilance and make sure that you use a shorter leash. As a result, you’ll be able to improve your social distance from other dogs to boot. Additionally, it will prevent your dog from interfering with the activities of other dogs or people, as well as from engaging in fights with them.

2. The next step is to accustom your dog to the sight of people wearing face masks around him. It would be best for him to understand that it is not unusual for people to wear face masks.

3. The most significant step is to ensure that your dog is well-trained in the art of being recalled. To put it another way, if you lose control of the leash or step out of its reach, your dog should be able to recognize the situation immediately and come running back to you by snapping your finger.

4. You need to go the next step further to track your route. In other words, if you want to prevent your dog from encountering strange people and other dogs while you are walking your dog, you should choose to walk them in a protected area.

Tips for Distancing Your Dog While Walking

The number one tip for distancing your dog while walking is

Finding the best time to walk your dog.

It is strongly recommended that you schedule a walk with your dog at a time that is appropriate and convenient for you. You should adjust the time on a clock or schedule a timetable so that it corresponds with the routine behaviors of your dog. In addition, you have the option of adjusting the walking time according to the schedule of the various walking spots.

For example, if you are going to take your dog near a well-known restaurant, you need to think about when the restaurant is the busiest, and when it is less busy that’s called peak timing or off timing, respectively. Using this method, you can determine whether the best time to walk your dog is in the morning or the evening.

Using the proper tools to manage your dog.

You can practice control over, train, or otherwise manage your dog so that it behaves appropriately while out on walks by using the appropriate tools. For example, you can make use of a leash. You don’t need to use a retractable leash when all you need is a standard one that’s between five and six inches long. Moreover, You will have a much better chance of preventing your dog from coming into contact with other dogs or people if you use a leash or any other tool in addition to it. When you go for walks with your dog, it is a good idea to bring along some rewards or treats in addition to the tools and leashes that you will need. Your dog will be better encouraged and obeyed to behave mannerly if you train him in this way.

Reducing Stress in You and Your Dog

It is high time that you gave some thought to lowering the levels of stress experienced by both you and your dog. As a result, your dog will be able to calm down and relax. Thus, eventually, he will be able to behave appropriately, and you will not be concerned about increasing the distance between you and your dog.

Avoiding the aggressive dogs

The right and secure way to walk with your dog is to walk calmly and still swiftly. You should never be too close to other dogs specifically on walks because maybe you are unaware that he is not in the mood or he is aggressive or dominating. That’s why it is highly recommended that you and your dog avoid other aggressive dogs. Moreover, you can consider using any visual barrier.


It is the need of the hour if your dog is aggressive or behaving ill, you should keep a safe distance from him on walks. Even if your dog starts behaving in a good or normal manner you should still keep a safe distance from him to prevent any mishap.

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