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How to Hire the Best React Developers?

Finding a technology for application development is more challenging than ever. Among all the technologies, React stands out as the fastest-growing JavaScript framework. Demand for React certification is increasing exponentially, as these tools are spawning across the marketplace. With reusable components, a quick learning curve, and clean abstraction, React has an exponential growth curve. So if you are planning to hire React Developers, or you wish to be a React Development, in either case, this blog is for you. Let’s begin!

Google lists 20,10,00,000 results (0.57 seconds) when you search for “Points to consider while hiring React Developers). The enormous amount of searches in this matter signifies the relevance of React Developers (Native + JS).  (Updated 15th November 2022)

(It makes up about 1,08,00,000 results (0.55 seconds)). Chances are you will hire 1% of 2 million+ engineers who have applied for the job in your organization. React coding is more smart work and less hard work. You apply the same code across applications and totally different builds with similar functionality. 

What is React?

React is a library for front-end developers that can be used to code across Android, iOS, or the Web. Top React Features:

What should you look for while hiring ReactJS developers?

They need to be aware of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ES6, GIT, Node, NPM, Redux, UI Development, JS Framework, and Communication. A junior ReactJS developer should have at least 1-2 years of experience. They should be familiar with the fundamentals of React and Angular. They should know about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, GIT, JavaScript, RxJS, and other ReactJS developer skills. It does not matter to what extent, but they should communicate in English.

How should you filter mid-level ReactJS developers?

They should have a minimum of two – years of experience in React JS. Plus a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular, JavaScript, Git, and RxJS. They should be familiar with Node and other React Development Tools. They should be comfortable with Javascript (ES6), TypeScript, and Redux State Management. And extensive experience in developing mobile apps with effective UI and API endpoints.

What should a senior ReactJS developer know?

They must have at least 5 years of experience. They should be able to create a React-based UI using ReactJS and TypeScript. They should cognize frontend environments such as ES6, SAAS, WebPack, and Unit testing. They should be familiar with various development paradigms – MVVM, MVC, IoC, etc. They should be able to create RESTful services or application programming interfaces. They have to be experient in English. Additionally, they must possess experience in Javascript frameworks like jQuery, Angular, and Vue. etc.

What is the right way to hire React Developers?

The process to hire a developer for any technology is almost the same. One or two rounds of written rounds are followed by a technical interview and an HR interview. Here are some practical tips on what to look for while sorting React Developer’s resume:

Create a ReactJS job description that covers the company’s interview, key job responsibilities, expectations from developers, qualification level, skills needed for the job, and a deep dive into the company culture.

Prepare for the interview questions – A React developer should be aware of time, projects in hand, communication skills, ability to write clean code, willingness to learn new roles, and must-have problem-solving skills.

An ideal React (Native, JS) candidate must be proficient in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSX, Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, Rest API, React JS workflows like Flux, and Redux, data structure libraries, and JavaScript testing framework. Additionally, they must also be aware of iOS and Android app development. 

Screen the qualities of ReactJS developers basis on their resume headline, objective statement, work experience, technical skills, education details, and personal information.

But some React Interview Questions can differentiate between an experienced React Developer and a non-experienced one:

  • Everyone knows about the benefits and features of a framework, but are you aware of the challenges that are tagged along React?
  • What is the application of render() in React?
  • What are the different phases of React component life cycle?
  • What are pure functional components, props, code modularization, state, and React handle?

The next step is not necessarily related to React. Onboarding is common for all developers. Organizations need to share a welcome package, process the data filling, paperwork, and documentation, demonstrate company culture via orientation, and keep them informed about their milestones, leave policies, working hours, benefits, incentives, and coding standards.

How to screen the technical skills of React Web Developers?

An experienced ReactJS Developer should be able to use built-in React tools to create frontend functionality. They must be able to create data visualization tools, reusable programming, and libraries. They must be able to integrate wireframes into coding. They must have a good understanding of GIT, CSS libraries, Sigma, Adobe XD, and similar tools. Topping it all up, a responsive web-based user interface (UI) will be a topping on the cake.

What interview questions must you ask a junior-level ReactJS Developer?

  • What is React?
  • What is the difference between ReactJS and React Native?
  • Does React use HTML, and CSS?
  • How can you change the position of boxes on the browser page in the CSS box model?
  • How do you name React components?
  • How is setState() called?
  • What are the features of React framework?
  • Is React a framework or a library?
  • Can you combine React with other frameworks while developing cross-platform applications?
  • Is React code backward compatible?
  • Does React have any limitations?
  • Why can’t browsers read JSX?
  • How do you compare ES5 and ES6?
  • How is React different from other frameworks?

We have about 1000 contributors on GitHub. Features like Virtual DOM, reusable components (Re-usability, nested components, render method, passing properties) JSX, one-way data binding, unidirectional data flow, dedicated tools for easy debugging, quick rendering, large community, the script for mobile apps, advanced maintenance, and search engine friendly grab the attention of frontend developers. It’s just a library (often called a framework) for presentation (View) in Model View Controller (MVC), but it is still giving tough competition to Angular, Vue, Meteor, and other popular JS frameworks.

React improves the application’s performance. It can be easily used on both the client side as well as on the server side. It increases code readability and easily integrates with Meteor, Angular, Ionic, etc. It also makes it very easy to write UI test cases.

Are there any challenges with React development?

React is a library, but not a fully grown framework. A naive programmer would take time to understand and implement it. Coding often becomes complex while using templates and JSX.

What mistakes you should avoid while hiring React experts?

  • Do not hurry up the pre-screening process
  • Do not hire the candidate solely based on resume
  • Do not bring your candidates to the antiquated whiteboard test.

Key Takeaways: Summary of Points to Consider while Hiring React Developers

Web development companies in India must Hire via job posting websites, freelance websites, and social media platforms. To ensure that the person you are hiring is going to be your best choice, check the project scope, consider their coding experience, ensure that they have the knowledge of the latest tools and a good understanding of user experience design, and ensure that they possess the necessary soft skills, and must understand your vision.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World.

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