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How to hire roaming bands in the UK for a marriage ceremony?

Hiring a wedding band is an essential part of your big day. You wouldn’t want to have your special day marred with empty chairs and awkward silences, would you? The right wedding bands will make the day something worth mentioning and won’t cost you a fortune. Choosing the right musicians must be the most difficult part of this process, and that’s where we come in.

Roaming bands are musicians who travel with their musical group and play at weddings all over the UK and Ireland. Since they don’t come cheap, it’s important to book them well in advance so you’re not left scrambling for musicians on the day. Thankfully, getting hold of these handy tips will mean you’re one step closer to having the perfect wedding ceremony music list:

Decide What Songs You Want Your Wedding Music To Sound Like

The first and most important step in hiring a wedding band is to decide what type of music you want your wedding ceremony to sound like. You could go with an American wedding style or a traditional English wedding. There are many different kinds of music that can go well with weddings, and you want to make sure you’re going with the right ones. Some wedding traditions exist solely because of the wedding band’s music.

The carol service and the blessing of the wedding day are two examples that go back hundreds of years. When it comes to modern day weddings, many couples choose to add a rock and pop sound to their ceremony to reflect the bride and groom’s individual tastes and personalities.

There are many different types of wedding music, and you want to make sure you’re getting the right ones. There are a variety of different styles that can work well for weddings: contemporary, rock, Latin, country, R&B and more.

Hire a Band for Your Wedding That’s Proven

Hiring a band that you’ve never heard of or been to before is scary, to be sure. But luckily, it’s not too hard to find good bands that have toured the UK and abroad. The best way to go about this is to look online. There are thousands of forums and websites where you can find live music recommendations and find the best local live acts.

Look Into the Different Types of Bands You Can Book

There are many different types of music that go well with weddings, and you want to make sure you’re getting the right ones. Western music is great for this type of event—and so are electronica, country, and folk. There are also many different subgenres within western music that you want to consider.

Wedding songs are meant to be sweet and melodic, not necessarily dance-y. That’s where the dance-music scene comes in. Dance-music weddings are characterized by 1980s and 1990s hits like “We Are the World” and “Take Me to the Hospital,” which might sound a little too on-the-nose for your own wedding. Instead, go with more contemporary songs that you and your partner both like, like “We Are the World” or “Shake it Off.”

Look Into Different Recording Technology Options

There are endless benefits to using recording technology at a wedding, but not all options are created equally. There are pros and cons to each type of technology, so you want to make sure you’re aware of them before selecting the right option for your occasion. Linear tracks are often used for weddings, and they’re fairly easy to use.

These types of tracks are typically 32 or 48k, and they’re the most common type of recording technology used for weddings. These types of tracks tend to be more stable than other types of recording technology, so they’re good for long, steady events like your wedding ceremony. Soundboard technology is a little more advanced, and it requires you to book a Soundboard concert.

Soundboard concerts use a combination of digital and analog technology to create a more realistic sound than traditional tape or CD sound. These types of technology are best for large rooms with acoustic challenges, like a chapel or boardroom. Wireless is another advanced recording technology that only requires two people to book a wedding.

Using this option, you won’t be tied to a single chair or mic during the ceremony. There are many benefits to this technology, like being able to capture the emotion of the moment and transfer it to an audience without having to worry about where you sit or stand.


So, you’ve found the perfect band for your special day. They’ll be there for you the entire day, and they’ll perform for your guests too. So, what’s next? While getting the band booked is essential, it’s only half the battle. The other half is remembering to book the right band for your special day.

You want to make sure you book the right type of wedding music for your special day. Use these tips to get started, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect wedding music for your wedding.

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