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How to Get the Burnt Oomlie Wrap in OSRS

The secret of how to get the Burnt Oomlie Wrap was finally revealed, and now you can get one for yourself!

The burnt oomlie wrap is an item that has been sold on the Grand Exchange for billions of OSRS GP. The item’s market value does not derive from its usefulness like for most items with similarly huge prices (perfect examples are some 3rd age items or the Elysian Spirit Shield). The price derives from the item’s rarity and is worth only for collection purposes. The burnt oomlie wrap serves no other purpose; its rarity derives from the fact that until recently, the obtaining method was not known—or at least not known to the large public. After an anonymous contributor added the secret recipe to the OSRS wiki, the price experienced an incredible drop. It went from worth over a billion OSRS gold to a few hundred thousand.

The Value

Even with the known method, the burnt oomlie wrap is still hard to obtain, so the price will not go beneath a certain threshold. This will allow players who engage in this specific and tedious process to earn a decent amount of OSRS gold. However, it is unpredictable where the prices will get. It’s all about how many players are willing to still spend their OSRS GP for them now that there’s a virtually infinite supply of them.

One thing is for sure, though; the tradable ingredients for obtaining a cooked oomlie wrap (the oomlie wrap and the raw oomlie) have seen a price increase due to the demand. More and more players are attempting to test out the recently leaked secret and get their own burnt oomlie wraps for their own collections, to get richer, or to have fun trying something new.

You can say that the burnt oomlie wrap represents the complexity and depths of OSRS—how such an old game with millions of players still has hidden secrets and OSRS items that are nearly impossible to obtain.

The Limitations

Even with the method publicly known, not all the accounts will be able to create the burnt oomlie wrap. For example, once you complete the Making Friends With My Arms quest, you can use salts, mahogany planks, and steel bars. Then while having a hammer, a saw, and a tinderbox in your inventory, you can build various non-extinguishable fires in old fire pits across Gielinor. You’ll need a specific fire-making and construction level for each of them; each type gives a specific effect.

The highest level of the old fire pits you can build is the Fire Of Unseasonal Warmth. This fire is located at the god wars dungeon, which will prevent the stats draining effect of the area. Once you have built this eternal fire at 60 construction and 66 fire-making, it will become impossible to obtain a burnt oomlie wrap using the revealed method.

The method published on the wiki requires you to take advantage of the stats draining effect of the area; once you have built the Fire Of Unseasonal Warmth, you will no longer be able to use this only known method.

The Requirements and Must-have OSRS Items

  1. Cooking

You will need at least 50 Cooking if you want to farm burnt oomlie wraps.

  1. Teleport Locations

You’ll need a teleport close to the God Wars Dungeon. This means you’ll need the Ghommal’s hilt from the combat achievement diary or the Trollheim teleport. Keep in mind that you’ll have one teleport per day for the easy combat diary, 5 for the medium one, and unlimited for the hard and elite ones, so to have a lucrative and reliable teleport, you’ll need the hard combat achievements.

For the Trollheim teleport, you must have completed Edgar’s Ruse quest. Optimally you’ll need to have 61 magic, but with just the quest, you’ll be able to use Scrolls of Redirect on teleport to house tablets and create the untradeable Teleport to Trollheim (tablets).

All the other teleports are too far from GWD to make them a viable option. Using the teleport spell, you should have law and fire runes in your rune pouch to save inventory space.

  1. Locator Orb or Dwarven Rock Cake

You need to use these two items to bring your hitpoints to 1; you need either or not both. The locator orb is superior as you’ll reach 1 HP faster and with fewer clicks, but the dwarven rock cake is easier to obtain; both are quest items. You’ll get the dwarven rock cake from Recipe Of Disaster and the locator orb from Dragon Slayer 2.

  1. Prayer

You’ll need at least level 22 prayer for the rapid heal prayer. Use this prayer to reset the HP regeneration timer so that when you start cooking your inventory, you won’t get interrupted by taking cold damage.

  1. Tinderbox or Bow

You’ll also need a tinderbox to light the fire to cook the oomlie wraps. Alternatively, if you have completed the barbarian training fire-making section, you can have a bow equipped to save one space in your inventory. You can drop the logs, unequip the bow, then use the bow on the fire. This will give you space for an extra oomlie.

  1. Logs

You can use any logs that you have the fire-making level to light. However, since you have a better chance of lighting a fire with regular logs regardless of your fire-making level, you should take a set of normal logs with you.

Nonetheless, time is of the essence, so you might consider getting colored logs instead. They are obtained using a clue scroll item, the gnomish firelighter, on normal logs. There are five colors of logs and gnomish firelighters: white, blue, green, red, and purple. But they all act similarly. You’ll have a 100 percent success rate when trying to light a fire using these colored logs, and your fire will look fancy.

  1. Wrapped Oomlies

You can straight up buy them from the Grand Exchange. However, if you want to get a burnt oomlie wrap on your ironman account, you must have started Legends’ quest to access the Khazari jungle south of Shilo village. This is the only place in OSRS where you’ll find these birds. Killing them guarantees a drop of their meat, and they are pretty easy to kill.

You’ll need an ax and a machete to cut through the jungle and the fairy rings unlocked to get there relatively fast. You will also need to obtain the untradeable palm leaves and combine them with the meat to get a full inventory of wrapped oomlies. For the last inventory spot, right-click and drop an oomlie wrap, grab a leaf, combine it with the oomlie, then pick your dropped oomlie wrap back.

The Finishing Touches

Once you understand all of the above limitations and item choices, prepare your inventory and teleport close to GWD for the chance to obtain an item that sold for billions of OSRS gold. Once there, drain your stats to a bit above 50 cooking, damage yourself to 1 HP, and flick rapid heal. Light a fire and start cooking your wrapped oomlies. You will only start having a chance to burn one wrapped oomlie once your cooking level reaches 44, so you won’t get any for the first 18 tries. 

With the best inventory set up, you’ll need one spot for the logs, an equipped bow, a spot for the teleport, and a spot for the locator orb or dwarven rock cake; you’ll have 25 wrapped oomlies to cook. At best, you’ll only have seven chances per trip to get a burnt oomlie. This makes the item still rare, so it will still sell for a good amount of OSRS gold.

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