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How to Fix Gummy Smile Correction with Best Treatment?

Our smile plays a significant role in our identity; it impacts our mindset, interpersonal communication, and self-esteem. Therefore, it’s desirably important to make people feel better about themselves to smile at every joyous moment of our life.   

So, who wouldn’t desire a picture-perfect smile? People who don’t have a beautiful smile often face challenges that affect their ability to face the outside world. While smiling, some people manage their dental troubles, and others manage conspicuous gum-related issues. They may be reluctant to smile for various causes and problems, but thanks to technological advancements in dentistry, it is now possible to restore your ideal smile.

Therefore, if you have visible gums when you smile, it means that when you smile, a staggeringly uneven quantity of gum is seen over your topmost section of teeth. A gummy smile is described as appearing too much when you smile. The good news is that it is treatable and fixable, minimising the space between your lips and teeth so you can smile without embarrassment.

So, in this post, we’ll explore how to restore a gummy smile using the best treatments available in cosmetic dentistry.

What exactly is a gummy smile?

An abnormal quantity of gum underneath the upper lip is displayed when someone smiles, a condition known as a gummy smile or an excessive gingival expression. However, a gummy smile has no official meaning. Some people may refer to your smile as gummy for the following reasons: With the rest of your facial appearance, consider the size and contour of your teeth and the inclination of your jaw.

It is a typical medical situation that is unattractive and can be brought on by an irregular dental eruption or delayed passive eruption, hyperactivity of the muscle that lifts the upper lip, excessive vertical growth of the maxilla bone, the excessive eruption of the anterior maxillary teeth, or a combination of the factors as mentioned above. 

However, numerous gummy smile treatments have been suggested to improve smile presentation and lessen gingival exposure. 

What are the Factors Responsible for a Gummy Smile?

Numerous things could be bothering someone’s smile and causing them to have a gummy smile. How we maintain and clean our teeth may contribute to some dental issues, and we can probably do certain things to prevent them from happening. Still, some dental issues result from our genetic profile, and we can’t do much to protect them. Therefore, the most common causes of a gummy smile are given below.

  • May have hyperactive upper lip
  • Possibility of Poor Bite
  • Gum Tissue Could Be Too Much
  • Increased vertical facial growth
  • Gingival Hypertrophy
  • Short Teeth
  • Abnormal dental eruption

However, a gummy smile correction surgery can effectively cure these factors.

Can you fix a gummy smile? If so, how?

According to advanced medical technology, a gummy smile can be fixed, which has developed several nonsurgical and surgical procedures to achieve the ideal gum-to-tooth ratio. Although a gummy smile shouldn’t hurt or make people uncomfortable, it can be an issue for those with it. 

The underlying reasons determine the suitable technique for a gummy smile correction. Any common methods listed below may be used as treatment, depending on the underlying cause.

  • Gumming up or expanding the crown

The best course of action could be a gum lift or crown elongation if the reason for a gummy smile is too much gum tissue concealing the teeth. The gum line is raised during a gum lifting surgery to give off more sparkly whites by removing some gum tissue from around the teeth. 

A dental crown elongation treatment, which modifies the gums’ shape and the bone surrounding the teeth, may be advised by your dentist if there is excessive gum tissue.

  • Orthodontic Treatment

A gummy smile can also be treated with orthodontics, particularly if the faulty bite is to blame. A bite can be adjusted into its proper position, and the proportion of gum tissue visible when smiling, eating, or talking can be decreased with braces or even invisible aligners like Invisalign. Furthermore, employing orthodontics to fix a poor bite can ease other oral health issues like jaw pain.

  • Lowering of lip

To give the upper lip a shorter appearance, a small portion of the gum tissue beneath it is excised, and the top and bottom are stitched together. Due to the shorter lip, the top lip will be unable to lift as much as it once did, failing to conceal the gums and lessen the look of a gummy smile.

  • Scaling or root planing

Starting with a thorough expert dental cleaning procedure called scale and root planing is frequently the finest way to cure a gummy smile brought on by irritated and unhealthy gums. This sophisticated cleaning removes bacteria and aids in healing the condition by reaching deeply into the gum crevices surrounding each tooth. The irritation and sticky appearance usually fade away once the illness is gone.

Final Thoughts:

A gummy smile treatment will help you today if you’re troubled by your gummy smile and want to look into techniques to lessen the look of your gum tissue. Furthermore, you can address the issue of your gummy smile at Therapeuo Clinic, which is the best for gummy smile treatment in Mumbai, allowing them to choose the most suitable course of action for you and your smile. So, what are you waiting for? Modify your gummy smile now!

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