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How to Find Live Stream on Instagram

The impact of live videos on Instagram is huge for individual accounts as well as brands. They attract thousands of views and also you may find the topics very interesting as a user. However, if you have missed out the live video from your favorite account, Instagram has still an option for you to view this. With the help of this guide mentioned below you can find all information on how to watch live videos on Instagram.

1. Individual Accounts

One of the best ways by which you can get more information on live videos shared by Instagram account is by going directly to their profiles. There are 4 different ways which you can follow. It is either by people, audio, locations or the use of hashtags. To get this done correctly, you will have to start the search with the help of accounts or the people section.

Once you get into the page, you will now be able to find the type of page you are interested in following. You will now be accustomed to the sample of the types of contents that are being shared. Take time to understand about the icons and their meanings. You will find two different symbols which will include the Instagram reels symbol and then the Instagram videos symbol. You might have to understand about their features and what they are meant for.

If you want to view a live video that has been shared, you can now opt to tap on the IGTV icon that is present. Instagram’s feature allows users to get their screens live and then publish the same video in the form of IGTV. With the help of this icon, you will be able to learn more about the live videos. You will have to tap on this icon and then you can scroll through the videos. It becomes slightly better if you follow these accounts to get instant information.

2. Using Hashtags

The other way to get more information on live videos is by getting the use of hashtags. This algorithm works precisely if you want to view live videos for a particular niche or an open result. Accounts which provide live videos or are going live through Instagram will use a specific set of keywords or hashtags that can trigger their niche. 

This is why it becomes important to choose the right method for getting the live videos. It is very important if you want to view the live video which is about your niche. Once you get to the IGTV video that is posted, you can tap on the profile link.

This will allow your toe gain a complete access to the page and also show up every live video this account has posted. You can now browse simply thorough the videos and have a look at the title of the video for a better information. To get a reliable link and description, you can take the help of this account and then tap on the live video. Once advantage of getting the videos through hashtags is getting to know that it surrounds the niche you will be watching. You can also use hashtags generated by accounts that you follow to simply go on to watch their videos. There are many people willing to invest in increasing more audiences to their live so simple they can buy IG live views with simple steps. And enjoy the instant fame within a few minutes more audience will reach their stream.

3. Random Live videos

With the latest Instagram updates, watching random live videos is not a difficult choice anymore. But to get this done, you might have to follow a few steps which will provide a better result. Here are some of the steps which you must follow.

The first thing that you need to do is to look for the IGTV tab. You can do this by going to the explorer page and then opting to look for the IGTV symbol which is available. It is not mandatory that you will have to follow the niche. 

Once you get access to the IGTV section, simply tap on the video. Watch the entire video to get to the end. However, if you do not want to watch the entire video, you can simply scroll the cursor tot the end of the video and then you can find more options.

Here, you will find the option of browse IGTV video coming up on this page. All that you need to do is to simply tap on this option. This will open up another pop-up option where you need to tap on the see all option. You can view the videos here.

Once you get your access over here, you will be able to spot every random live video from the see all option. The videos are arranged properly according to the number of views that are present. In other words, the most popular ones are present at the top. Simply tap on them and watch accordingly.

4. By Following Multiple Pages 

It is not simple but effective if you want to look for more live streams. Every other page shares about their upcoming event or live in advance with their followers so that a large audience can reach to them on time. There are many websites and social profiles as well that do the same and let everyone know about famous pages’ events it makes it an easy process to get to know about each other live events. 

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