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How to Extend Your Phones Life

The average lifespan of a smartphone is about three years. That’s no small feat for the complex, fragile machines that we carry around in our pockets. But if you know what to do, you can extend the life of your phone far beyond that! This post will tell you how to keep your phone healthy and safe, so it lasts as long as possible. 

Don’t charge your phone overnight

The best method to keep your phone charged is to charge it in the morning and then again at night. This should give you plenty of battery life throughout the day.

If you have trouble remembering to recharge your phone, try connecting a cable organizer with multiple cables inside it, so all you have to do is grab one cable and plug it into the wall. That way, when it’s time to charge your device, you have to unplug it from its place on the side table—no fumbling around for cords or cables! Read Reneturrek tips for the best charging system.

Keep your battery to 50 percent or lower

The average person switches their phone on and off more than 150 times a day, which means that your phone’s battery will take quite a beating throughout its life. If you desire to extend the battery life, here are some tips:

  • Keep your phone’s charge under 50 percent as often as possible. The less time it spends at full power, the longer it will last.
  • Charge your phone overnight or during breaks at work so you can use it throughout the day.
  • Buy an external power bank for those days when you need more juice than usual—and don’t forget about making sure your cable doesn’t get bent or crimped in any way!

Avoid extreme temperatures

You should avoid charging your phone in extremely cold or hot locations. For example, please don’t leave your phone in a car parked outside on a sunny day, and avoid leaving it in a freezer. Similarly, keep the phone under direct sunlight for a short period too.

Avoid charging your phone in extremely cold or hot locations

Avoid charging your phone in extreme temperatures.

Your phone’s battery is made up of chemicals that can degrade when exposed to heat, cold, or moisture. The best way to avoid damaging these chemicals and ruining your phone is to keep it out of hot and cold cars and not put it in the freezer, oven, or microwave (duh).

And don’t forget about humidity! Humidity affects how much heat your device absorbs—so if you reside in a humid climate like New Orleans or Seattle, the warmer days will likely be less harmful to keeping your batteries healthy than the colder ones.

Turn your phone off every once in a while.

This is a simple tip that can save you in the long run. If you’re not using your phone for an extended period of time, like at night or before you leave work, turn it off. This will help preserve battery life and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the device itself.

Take care of your charger.

Here are some things to ensure your charger stays in good condition:

  • Keep it clean. Dust and dirt can build up inside the charger over time, so try to clean it regularly using a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  • Don’t put it plugged in all the time. Leaving your phone plugged into its charger when not using it will put unnecessary stress on both devices and wear out their batteries faster than normal. Unplugging your device from its charger once every two weeks is recommended for maximum performance.
  • Use an external battery if necessary. If you’re finding that your battery drains quickly while away from home, consider buying an external battery pack that offers more juice than the internal one in your phone (and won’t have to be charged as often).

Get a Case

If you’re not one to go for the naked look, a case will help protect your phone from scratches and drops. Some cases even have extra features that can make using your iPhone easier, such as kickstands or credit card slots. You can also get a case to personalize your iPhone, so it’s uniquely yours!

Extend your phone’s life by doing these simple things daily!

  • Don’t charge your phone overnight
  • Keep your battery to 50 percent or lower
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Avoid charging your phone in extremely cold or hot locations
  • Turn off the screen when not in use, even if it’s not plugged into a charger (this will help preserve battery life). You should also be careful with how you use and store your charger:


This article has helped you learn some new ways to extend the life of your phone. It’s essential to take care of these things so your phone is always ready for use when you need it.

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