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How to Energetically Clear Your Home & Office Space With Sage

Improving your physical and emotional well-being may begin with as simple a task as clearing up your house and workplace. Getting rid of unused items helps you better use the space you have at home and improves the general atmosphere of those spaces.

This article will outline the basics of energetically clearing your home and office using sage and give tips on getting started.

Why Is Burning a Sage Smudge Stick good?

Sage has a long history of being used as an energy-clearing agent, and it is still popular today due to its effectiveness.

Here are some reasons why burning a sage smudge stick is an excellent way to clear your home energetically:

  • Sage has a strong scent, which can help to repel negative energy
  • Burning sage releases vaporized oils that help to cleanse the air and remove pollutants
  • The smoke from the burning sage can help to stimulate the immune system and improve respiratory health

When Should You Use Sage?

Using sage for clearing energy is common in Native American and Asian cultures. It can be used for all cleansings, from general housecleaning to deep healing rituals.

The best time to clean with sage is when the air feels heavy and stagnant or when you feel unease or discomfort.

Sage to Rid Your Home of Negative Energy

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the energies in your home or office, consider using sage to clear them. It is a natural air purifier and scent diffuser, so it’s perfect for use in spaces that feel cluttered or congested.

If you’re new to sage, here are some essential tips for using it to clear your home:

Burn Fresh Sage on A Grill or Incense Burner

Start by burning sage smudge sticks or fresh sage leaves on a small incense burner or a charcoal grill. The smoke will fill your home with its cleansing aroma, and the sage leaves release their oils into the air.

Leave the burning sage mixture or charcoal grill for a few minutes to allow the energy of the sage to permeate throughout your home.

Set Your Goal and Repeat a Chant

Negative energy can also attract negative things into your life, such as illness and accidents.

To clear your home of negative energy, start by setting a goal. Then, repeat a chant or phrase regularly. This will help focus your thoughts on the positive and energize you for the task.

Move Across Your Room Gradually

To improve your energy flow is to move across your room gradually. 

To start, ignite the sage, take a few deep breaths and focus on releasing any excess energy from your body. Once you have calmed down, begin moving slowly across the room. 

This will help to reduce stress and tension in your body, which, in turn, leads to a more energy-efficient home.

Store Sage Leaves in Airtight Containers

Place a few fresh sage leaves in an airtight container and leave them at room temperature for up to two weeks. The oil in the leaves will absorb bad energy and cleanse the air around them. Once the leaves have absorbed all negative energy, discard them and replace them with fresh ones.


For a long time, Native American societies have used sage burning to cleanse themselves. If you want to buy sage smudge sticks, We at karma living provide you best quality sage sticks for your home, office, or apartment, please follow correct etiquette and respect and regard the tradition’s origins.

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