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How to Draw a Porcupine

How to draw a Porcupine. Some animals seem cute, and some seem intimidating in a way that warns you not to play with them. Although most animals have only one of these resources, Porcupine has the unique distinction of having both. He looks cute with his little face and legs, but you wouldn’t want to touch him, thanks to the sharp feathers in the back. These feathers make it not only more intimidating but also make it much more difficult to learn to draw a Porcupine.

Like any drawing challenge, it can be facilitated when you know what to do, and that’s what this tutorial is for. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing of Porcupine

Step 1:

Before we draw the mass of the feathers on the back, we will first start with our head and front legs in this guide on how to draw an epic Porcupine. Start by drawing a small rounded shape with a point inside for the eye. Then use rounded lines to the muzzle and add mustache lines to it. Neck, we will pull the ear behind the eye, then the base of the neck.

Right after your neck, you can draw some small front legs with small claws at the ends. Finally, draw long, pointed lines, frowning at each other on your head. These will be the first feathers of the Porcupine, and in the next steps, we will continue to add more feathers and elements.

Step 2:

As we mentioned in the front of your Porcupine design, you add more feathers to the rear in the next Summer Steps to build it gradually. To add the next section of feathers, we will draw many other wavy lines with clear advice at the top. As shown in the reference image, these feathers will become a little longer as it advances.

After drawing this last section of feathers, we will draw the belly of the Porcupine. You can draw this skin belly by drawing seriled lines behind the front legs. Then draw the first of the crouching legs before preparing for the Guide Step 3!

Step 3:

This third step in our guide on drawing a Porcupine will see you add even more feathers to the body. Some of them go to the back next to the others you designed, but the rest goes to the side. Let’s focus on the back to start. To draw the next section, continue drawing more of these clear lines you have designed. The next step will have a little patience. 

You may want to have a cup of tea! We will add a mass of feathers on the side of the body, and they will be drawn with a combination of the clear lines you designed on top and wavy lines. They must cover the body base as it appears in our reference image so that we can continue.

Step 4:

You have to draw these feathers! In this fourth part of your Porcupine drawing, we will add another section of spinous feathers above the previous section you have just drawn. This next section will be one of the biggest sections you have designed so far, and once done. There will be only a small virgin section at the top of the Porcupine, a spot to fill. We will take care of this last place and the last details in the next stage of the guide.

Step 5:

This fifth step in our guide on how to draw a Porcupine will see that you will add the details and final keys to finish it before the last step. As we mentioned in the previous step, this will lead mainly to filling the empty location above the other penalties.

Fill this place exactly as you have been for the rest of the drawing, and your epic Porcupine will be ready for color! Before going to this phase, also add the desired additional details. Could you draw other animals or even a background structure for certain ideas when you can think about finishing?

Step 6:

How to Draw a Porcupine

Now you are ready to finish this porcupine drawing with some colors! We used a realistic color palette for our image example, mainly brown with white stripes on the feathers. If you want to opt for a similar look, try using watercolor paintings because you can paint your drawing lines and always see them. It is just an approach you can adopt, but there are many ways to color this image! What are the colors and means best suited to this amazing porcupine?

Make your porcupine drawing an even better spot!

These tips for your porcupine sketch will help you make it even better! This drawing of a porcupine was a very fun challenge, and now that you are over, you can add even more porcupines to the image. You can add one, two, or more porcupines to the image to ensure it has many friends! All you need to do is follow the guide and maybe change some small details. You can add other animals to the image with enough porcupine temperament drawings. It would be a great opportunity to show some of your favorite animals!

They can be mammals, reptiles, birds, or everything you might think about. All the animals you add will make this image even more interesting to watch! If you have always dreamed of knowing a Porcupine in real life or maybe you have a good memory of a time when it happened, you could add to this porcupine drawing. Porcupines are very interesting animals. You can add an educational element to your image by writing in certain facts and statistics on the porcupine around what you are drawing.

You can look for all the online songs you find interesting or may have favorite facts ready to leave! What are the interesting things about porcupines you can include? Another way to fill the background with your porcupine sketch would be to draw a background parameter. There are some ways to do so, and we would show porcupines in their natural habitat. You can show in a zoo or maybe a house for a funny turn. There are so many fun horizons to choose from and try!

Your porcupine drawing is over!

It leads us to the end of this guide on how to draw a spot! It was a delicately delicate drawing of the face because there were many small penalties to draw convincingly. As long as you follow the steps and draw them section by section, you will have no problem drawing all these small details!

So you can relax and have a fun ending with your details, elements, and choice of additional colors! When ready to make a new drawing, you can go to our site to enjoy our huge library of drawing guides. We often download new guides, so let’s continue to check even more!

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