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How to Download Twitter videos for Free?

After Twitter announced its redesign last month, the company introduced an update that allowed users to download all of their timelines.

If you’re a prolific tweeter, that may seem like a good way to go through all of your Twitter content, but it can be quite an onerous process to download this data. Here’s how to do it the easy way, visit the Twitter video downloader

How to Download it to Your Computer.

Once you’ve downloaded your Twitter timeline, you can download it to your computer by going into your preferences, and then clicking Account in the menu on the left.

Click the menu button and then Archive to download your archives. Once you have your timelines downloaded, save them somewhere like Dropbox so they’re ready to go if you decide to give them a re-read later.

How to Download all of Your Tweets.

It can be tricky to download the most recent tweets from your Twitter timeline since they’re organized by time, but if you’re patient enough, you can get to them.

Click the Twitter video downloader and paste your URL in the popup window.

How to Download it on Your Phone.

For those of you who have iPhones or Android devices, you can download the Twitter video downloader right from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

If you don’t have a downloader, here is a Twitter video downloader that can download tweets for you:

How to Download Twitter Videos on iOS Mobile.

Click the option for Twitter video downloader in the top left-hand corner of the Twitter iOS app. Then, paste in your link. The app will start downloading the video at the top of your feed.

The Tweet Video Downloader will open and you’ll need to press the download button on the top right-hand corner. Once that’s done, you can download your video.

How to Download Twitter Videos on Android Mobile.

Twitter has an Android app for downloading videos. You can download it here.

When you open the app, click the gear icon in the top-left corner. Click “Account”, and then click “Archive.”

Click the Archive option and paste your URL in the box.

A few seconds later, your video will start downloading. Once it’s done, save it in your favorite downloader app.

How to download it in your iphone.

The iPhone App has a video downloader built into it, which works exactly like the Android app, but there’s a little bit of a workaround to make the process easier.

You’ll need to download your Twitter timeline first, which you can do by navigating to the Account page.

Click the menu button and then Archive.

Once you have your timelines downloaded, save them somewhere like Dropbox so they’re ready to go if you decide to give them a re-read later.

When you’re on Twitter, click your profile picture in the top left-hand corner.

Click the menu button, and then “Account”.

Click the archived section, and then click “Download your Archive”

Open up your browser and paste in your link.

How to Upload it to a Separate Folder.

If you’d like to keep those timelines for backup purposes, you can upload them to a specific folder of your choosing.

Once your timeline downloads, select Archive. On the Archive Menu you’ll see two options:

Add to this to-do list and you’ll be able to quickly get to your saved timelines in no time.

So, how do you do it? Here’s how to download all of your Twitter videos in a few steps.

  •  Make sure you’re on the desktop version of Twitter, not the mobile version.
  •  Go to your Twitter account.
  • Click your profile icon in the upper-right-hand corner.
  •  Click your profile button in the upper-left-hand corner.
  • Click your profile icon again to return to your home screen.
  • Find the option for “Video Archive” in the upper-right-hand corner.
  • Click your Profile button in the upper-left-hand corner.
  • Click “Video Archive”.
  • In the Archive Menu, click “Download Video”.
  • Once the download is complete, go to your “Video Archive” folder.
  • You’ll see a video player that you can play, and it should automatically download your saved timelines if they were stored in the video player.
  • Finally, click the “Skip” button and the video player will go back to playing as expected.

Bonus! You can also download your notifications

Advantages of SSS Twitter.

sss Twitter HD videotape downloader allows you to save tweets to your device( mobile or PC) for free. You can download Twitter vids in HD with public account insulation settings.

Download as numerous Twitter vids as you want. Our Twitter downloader doesn’t limit the number of vids you can save for free. The swish part of our tool is the speed depending on your internet connection where you can get download links

2 seconds. Each video is available for download with at least three quality options from high to low.

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