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How to develop effective communication skills in children?

We can define communication as the process by which people exchange ideas with each other. We can accomplish the development of effective communication skills in a variety of ways and yield measurable results that can help a student’s career. 

Effective communication skills enable a student to make a cosmic impression while also engaging in a clear conversation, whether oral or written. Written and spoken communication are both forms of effective communication. Communication is the ability to transfer information from one person to another in an efficient and effective manner. 

Students with strong communication skills are more likely to participate in class discussions, gain more from their classroom experience, and be more productive members of group projects. And that’s why International Schools in Abu Dhabi give special attention to students and have designed curricula to help develop their communicative skills.

Tips to develop communication skills in children by International schools in Abu Dhabi

Here are some tips and tricks that will help students develop their oral or written communication skills

  • Make use of modern technology

Numerous technological resources are available to help students improve their communication skills, ranging from audiobooks to apps. Students can use audiobooks to listen to or read along with to hear how the speaker pronounces and spells out different words or phrases. 

The more they concentrate on listening, the more they will start to acquire accents, words, and methods to communicate with people around them.

  • Positive feedback

When a student performs well, we parents or teachers often overlook providing positive feedback. Positive feedback motivates students to improve their performance in all areas. Giving positive feedback is an important part of encouraging students to communicate effectively. 

It has been demonstrated that students who receive praise are more likely to believe that they can complete tasks and be successful. Another benefit of positive feedback is that it can help to build a student’s confidence, create a supportive environment, and foster good harmony.

  • Make them work in groups

Activities like doing a group project together, or working on a common assignment in small groups of three or four, are known as team-building exercises. Such exercises can also help students improve their written and oral communication skills. 

It not only allows students to work in small groups, reducing some of the pressure, but it also allows them to debate their points of view, take turns, and collaborate toward a common goal. This is a part of the curriculum structure strictly followed by International Schools in Abu Dhabi.

  • Allow them to speak up

Allowing students to express their opinions in front of parents or in the classroom is also an important way to improve their communication skills. Asking for their opinions in class will help them develop communication skills. 

That is why they should be taught to express themselves in the classroom. Students become more comfortable and capable of speaking on any topic when they share their opinions in the classroom.

Also, it is best if such a practice is applied right from the preliminary sections. So, if someone is in search of the term, “Nursery School Near Me” in Abu Dhabi, make sure to discuss these things at the time or prior to admission.

  • Engaging in activities

It is absolutely essential to motivate and inspire students to initiate a conversation and engage in that activity in order to improve their effective communication skills. Most students may not want to speak at all. This makes it difficult for them to express themselves properly when upset or stressed. 

At times like these, we should encourage their participation in activities. One may start by beginning and supporting discussions throughout art activities, paired reading activities, and gameplay. 

Discussing feelings about events that have happened to students in the classroom, also makes their fear and nervousness go away and makes them speak their heart’s out. In this way, parents and teachers can provide support and scaffolding for students to develop stronger communication skills.

  • Develop a secured ambience

Another major thing one might try is by creating a supportive and safe environment in which students would feel comfortable opening up and sharing their ideas and thoughts. This will assist students in improving their effective communication skills. 

It is critical for students’ academic success to create an environment in which they can ask for assistance if they need it. An open-door policy that allows students to discuss anything is an excellent way to promote effective communication. 

This is what all International Schools in Abu Dhabi are rigorously practicing in their classrooms and school premises.

  • Make use of reflective learning

A very easy and effective method for assessing the communication skills of a child is by recording their reading of a text, or by recording their group presentations of projects or assignments.

We have seen students to improve their oratory skills once they are in small groups. The next step is to make them understand their rights and wrongs through constructive criticism. Asking students to point out mistakes of others students also makes them aware of their own mistakes as well.


Therefore, these are the different ways in which children can be taught effective communication skills. Not only that but their vocabulary and accent will also improve if these steps are diligently followed by guardians and faculties as well.

Search for the term, “Nursery School Near Me” and find the best school for your child that provides the best of both worlds (ie academics and skills development).

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