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How to Clean Up Your Cloud Storage Mess easily

We now have a simple, hardware-free method of backing up and transferring files thanks to cloud storage services. A few of them even provide you with some free space. That free storage quickly runs out once you start adding files and folders.

It’s simple to toss all of your files into cloud storage without giving it much attention because of how convenient it is. But without a plan for the organization, your Onedrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or any other cloud storage service will quickly turn into a disorganized mess.

Try cleaning away some of the clutter in the cloud account before paying for more space. There are a few duplicate file removers available that can assist you in removing the duplicates.

However, this article will show you how to get everything under control if you need to organize the cloud storage and streamline your setup. 

Quick and Easy Ways to Sort the Cloud Storage

Below listed are the methods and tips you can use to clean and organize your cloud storage items easily. 

Remove unwanted items

It’s a smart option to somehow clear whatever items you no longer require before you start shifting them around. Taking away outdated data is the initial step in maintaining your cloud storage space organized.

Delete or move downloaded files out of data storage as necessary if you come to find any old videos which you don’t need to be synchronized anymore or downloaded files that you didn’t realize were in the cloud.

Choose your viewing pattern

There are various ways to view folders and files in Google Drive. For instance, you can select the line spacing to be comfy, or compact and show each item in a grid or list view. 

Play around with the options till you are ready to decide how you want the Google Drive to appear. Don’t forget to pay attention to the left-side railing. When viewing Google Drive, many individuals fixate on the screen’s center. 

However, make sure to utilize that left rail when it comes to organizing your folders and files. Viewing your subfolders and folders is simple, and you can set aside the center of the screen to display the data of any folder you choose.

Create an organized folder structure

A significant part of the cloud storage organizing process is developing a structure of folders that functions for you, just like when managing your local files.

Consider your preferred method of file searching and design the folders to maintain a logical sequence around that to show up with the ideal strategy for you.

Begin with base folders for every type of file if you’re storing a variety of file types in a single cloud service i.e., audio, video, documents, and photos. Make specialized subfolders for each of them inside.

If nothing else works for you, categorizing by time and date is a useful strategy. Create subfolders for the months after creating a folder for every year.

Remain your files and place them in the folders

The time-consuming aspect is now selecting a location for your current cloud files after going through them. In this phase, go through the cloud storage and relocate each object to its new location.

Additionally, now is a good opportunity to check that the names of your files are obvious. Change any default file names and make sure that files contain the search terms you would use to find them.

As with folders, take into account the naming convention of any files you want to organize neatly inside a folder.

Sort the folders based on usage frequency

It’s likely that you just use a few folders on a regular basis. You can star those or make a shortcut for easy access to avoid having to browse them each time.

Starring files and folders in cloud storage help you to view your most crucial material in one location whether you work through the applications or website.

Since Google Drive allows you to apply custom colors to your folders, colors are a fantastic visual signal. Choose Change Color from the context menu when you right-click on every folder in the side toolbar or the main window. Then decide which color to use.

With this structure, accessing the files you use frequently only a few clicks, while the rest is conveniently arranged for when you require it.

Maintain consistency

Don’t give in to the urge to restart stacking your files. As soon as you add an item, take the time to properly arrange it in your new hierarchy. If you do this, the work won’t grow significantly in the future. Weekly quick maintenance would take better care of any lingering issues.

After streamlining your data in the cloud, ensure that the cloud storage accounts are properly secured.

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