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How to Choose Whiskey for Gift? Beginner’s Guide 

However, several whiskey brands are on the market today, and with all the options to choose from, selecting the finest one may prove overwhelming. This is because you need to compare the quality of various brands before making a choice, and this is not only time-consuming, but it can cost you a lot too.  

Also, strength, flavor, and style influence the drinking experience, so keep them in mind when choosing your bottle. In this case, consider the essential factors discussed below to simplify selecting the finest whiskey for a gift.  

This post will discuss the crucial elements to consider when purchasing whisky to make selecting the best whiskey for a present easier. 

1. Flavours 

The flavor of the whisky is perhaps the most critical factor, as this is the primary reason you will purchase a bottle. By adding water or ice cubes, you can change, enhance, or dampen the flavor, so experiment with different combinations to find the style that will fit who you are gifting. 

Nosing the drink is a significant initial step because of the intimate relationship between the senses of smell and taste. Vanilla, caramel and toffee are typical whisky flavors because they are imparted when matured in a barrel. 

The Dimple Pinch 15-Year-Old Blended Scotch Whisky offers a strong flavor of warm, sweet malty smoothness tinged with burnt oak, followed by a short, earthy finish with hints of peat, burnt caramel, and a touch of sea salt.

Overall, it’s difficult to recommend specific whiskies for novices because it all depends on the flavors you’re searching for. 

2. Pricing 

As with many things in life, the price frequently determines the quality. However, there are exceptions on both ends of the spectrum; a cheap whisky might be excellent, while an expensive one can be tough. 

Overall, pricing depends on what you’re searching for in a drink. Suppose you’re looking for something to mix with cola or Irn-Bru; pick up a cheap bottle. But, if you invest in the drinking experience, you’ll need something more upscale. 

You should expect to pay up to £50 for an excellent blend of whisky as a starting bottle. We’d also recommend gifting a sweeter cocktail to soften the harshness of the whiskey, you’ll need something more upscale. 

You should expect to pay up to £50 for an excellent blend of whisky as a starting bottle. We’d also recommend gifting a sweeter cocktail to soften the harshness of the whiskey. 

3. Variety 

Another factor to consider while purchasing whiskey is its variety. There are four common whiskey varieties: grain, blended, malt, and bourbon, each with distinct characteristics. For example, cereals prevail as a base in grain whiskey, but malt can be manufactured from various alcohols aged at different times. Blended whiskey, on the other hand, is a blend of grain and malt whiskey, whereas bourbon is derived from maize grains. Each whiskey kind has distinct features that influence its flavour and aroma. 

Significantly, you must ensure that you only purchase whiskey from reputable manufacturers and dealers. All this is done to ensure you obtain high-quality whiskey at a fair price. 

4. Age 

Aside from where the whiskey is produced, it would be best to consider the liquor’s age because it can considerably impact its quality. For example, a younger whiskey that has not matured long enough may lack the premium flavor of an older whiskey kind. Most whiskey specialists prefer types aged five to twelve years because the liquor is considered excellent in terms of taste and aroma. 

Whiskey that has been matured for more than 20 years is considered to be of high grade, and these are considered collector’s items due to their distinct flavor. Remember that the time after the bottled booze is no longer counted in the maturing process. Instead, the years counted are only those in which the whiskey is matured in oak barrels. 

5. Know the occasion 

Knowing the occasion is essential for selecting the appropriate gift for your recipient. Make sure the gift fits the occasion; a more unique, rare bottle could be suitable for a special event. Something less serious? Then a daily sipper sounds about perfect. Understanding the occasion is the most effective approach to rise to the occasion when gifting booze.  

6. Don’t cut corners 

If you know someone who is a single malt Scotch lover and collector, buying them a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label isn’t go down well. This bottle will most likely end up in the garbage, never to be tasted or loved. Because of the nature of whiskey collecting, returning to entry-level items or sorts that aren’t to your taste isn’t an option once you’ve found your niche and appreciate how fantastic ‘good whiskey’ can be. That’s where this advice comes in: never cut corners or go for the inexpensive option, as this nearly always results in a disappointing present and a black mark next to your name. 


Whiskey gifts make an excellent choice when helping someone celebrate a milestone. Whether a work acquaintance, an old friend, or a parent hitting a significant birthday, whiskey and whiskey accessories are a time-honored and always-appreciated gift. Hopefully, this whiskey gift ideas article has made your gift-buying a little easier, whether you buy whiskey online or in-store. 

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