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5 Best Tips for Travelling with Your Vape Devices

Many people love vaping as an alternative to smoking and other nicotine vape devices. It presents a way to enjoy nicotine without dealing with the side effects and health issues raised by a cigarette. Besides, it is less messy and pretty easy on most body organs, the lungs especially.

People vape for various reasons, like calming your body, beating stress, or simply enjoying watching the clouds of vapor rising into the atmosphere. Besides, it is not surprising that someone might want to travel with their vape device.

While traveling with your vape device is not impossible, one needs to plan to avoid an unnecessary hassle down the line. Most airlines have their regulations on vape materials, and you need to pack them wisely to prevent issues with airport officials. Also, you cannot vape at the airport, let alone inside the airplane.

This article will shed light on every essential thing they need to know for everyone interested in travelling with their vape device.

Tips for Packing Your Device

Your vape is an electronic device with a risk of fire. As a result, it needs to be with you on the plane, either in your pocket or carry-on bag, alongside the battery.

For all batteries, ensure to secure them inside a plastic case. You need this to avoid accidental contact that might cause a spark.

Your box mod, vape pen, and desktop vaporizer other device need to be with you. On the other hand, you can buy disposable vapes at your destination. You can even look out for vape clearance deals to get reasonable offers.

Don’t Forget Elevation Changes.

Keep in mind that there will be elevation changes if your trip is by air. Air typically expands at high altitudes, which is a call to be careful. Such expanding air could crack your vape juice tank. As a result, boarding an airplane with a full vape tank is not recommended.

Some vape devices are built with pre-filled pods, so users might not empty such before the trip. At high elevation, the tendency of such device leaking is pretty high. As a result, avoid traveling with those and buy at your destination.

Due to elevation changes, one also needs to be careful with sky diving and mountain diving. The device can leak in elevations not too high (think mountain). Yet, it can be horrible to bring out your device to vape, only to be met with an empty juice.

Packing Your e-liquid

There are specific TSA regulations for packing and traveling with all liquids. You should put your vape juice in a one-quartz Ziploc nylon if they were with you on the plane. For people traveling with many ejuice that can’t fit a single Ziploc bag, put it in your checked bag.

Double it to avoid spills on your belongings for a vape juice that will be in your checked bag. Alternatively, waterproof pouches are a terrific idea.

Due to the tendency to leak, a recommended idea is to buy your vape juice at the destination. It will save you from the worry of dealing with a spoilt vape juice bottle. When traveling, cabin pressure can cause an expansion of the vape juice bottle, which could expand or break the seam. As a result, leaving some air in the bottle is a good idea.

Disconnect the Batteries

All electronic vape comes with a safety lock, not the mechanical mods, of course. The purpose is to prevent an accidental switching on of the device. Everyone using automatic vape gear should remove the batteries.

Your vape gear, including the battery, should be in your check-in bag to reduce the risk of catching fire. According to research, the battery’s internal pressure rises as the plane’s altitude increases.

Your Trip through Security

You should have no issue going through security with your vape device, battery, and vape juice as long as you take note of their rules. Typically, TSA officials will take their time in scrutinizing electronic devices, including vape devices. Ensure to cooperate with the officials and be open about your device. Let them know what it is – a disposable vape, pen with whatever vape juice, etc.

Also, it will be in your best interest to break down the vape device into its part. When the device is apart, inspecting the gear will be easy. You should also invest in a vape carry case as it keeps all devices together, with the ability to store your device in components that assist with the inspection.

In passing through airport security, keep the following in mind:

Cooperate fully with the TSA officials, educate them on your device if they are ignorant about it

Separate the device – mod and tank for inspection and flight

Your vape device is best in a carry case, and your battery with a battery carry case

Your battery and chargers should be with other electronic devices like a laptop


Traveling with your vape device doesn’t have to be a big deal. As long you know and observe the rules, you should have no issue.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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