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How To Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Home

One of the most important pieces of furniture in your home is the Dining table. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s also where important meals and meetings happen.

At The Antiques Furniture, we know how important a dinner table is in and of itself. It makes your house feel more like a home and becomes a big part of your daily life. Because of this, it’s not a piece of furniture you should buy on the spot. Here are some things to think about when choosing a designer Dining table for your home.

1. Needs

Think about what you need before you buy a dining table for your house. Of course, your table needs to be useful, like a place to eat and meet. But you should also think about your family, how you live, and where you live.

Think about what your family wants. For example, if you have small children, a stone table that soaks up dirt might not be the best choice. Choose a table for the Dining room that is both beautiful and useful.

You should also think about how you live. Think about what a table does for you every day. If you like to host parties and dinners, for example, a small table with only four seats might not be the best choice. Your dining room table should make your life better, not make it harder.

You should also think about where you are living right now. As a general rule, you should buy for the house you already have. Even if you plan to move to a bigger house in the future, it doesn’t make sense to buy a big glass table that won’t fit in your current area. Choose a table that fits your needs right now instead.

2. Size

Your Dining room must have enough space for your table. If it’s too big, it makes the room look smaller, and if it’s too small, it throws the room off. Size also means taking into account how much room people need to move around your table.

To figure out the right table size for your home, you need to measure and draw it out. Using books or bedsheets to make a makeshift table in your Dining room is a good idea. This helps you see how much room a table of a certain size would take up.

Not only should your table be the right length, but it should also be the right height. Most of the time, there should be at least 100 cm of space between the table and the wall or other furniture in the room. Most Dining tables are about 76 centimeters (about 30 inches) tall. Think about this if you plan to put decorations or lights on or above the table.

A dinner table is, of course, not complete without dining chairs. Give each chair at least 20 centimeters of space between it and the tables. Make sure there is room for people to sit in them and for them to be tucked in. People should be able to sit down, get up, and move around the room easily at your Dining table.

3. Shape

Most Dining tables Dubai for eating are rectangle, square, round, or oval. The shape of your table should depend on how you use it and how big your room is. Here’s what you should think about for each type of table.

Rectangular Tables

Most tables have a rectangle shape. You will find that this shape is available in more styles, sizes, and lengths. Even though a rectangular table works in most rooms, it works best in long or narrow ones.

Just remember that width is just as important as length when it comes to picking the right one. The more food you can put on a table, the better it is for entertainment.

 Square Tables

If your room is square, a square table is a good choice. Because it brings people closer together, a square Dining table makes meals feel more personal. Keep in mind, though, that the food is harder to reach the bigger the square table is.

So, if you want to seat more than eight people, you might be better off with a square table that can be extended. You can get the best of both worlds that way.

Round or Oval Tables

For small rooms, round or square tables work best. Even though this form usually takes up less room, it still has a lot of space for food. The obvious answer is that the bigger the tables, the more people and food you can fit. People are also closer together at a round or oval table, which makes it great for talking and perfect for parties.

4. Material

It’s not always easy to choose the right material for your table. Price, maintenance, your own style, and the style of your home should all be taken into account. Here are some things to think about with some of the most popular materials.


Wood is what most people choose for their Dining tables. Wood is beautiful and meets most needs because it is classic, long-lasting, and easy to fix. Solid wood is the most expensive, but teak and acacia are two cheaper options.

Even though wood wears down and swells and shrinks when heated, it is easy to take care of. Because of this, a wood Dining table will last for a long time.


Wood veneer is a great choice if you want the look of wood without the price tag. A thin layer of solid wood or printed material is added to plywood to make this material. A veneer dining table of good quality is made totally of this material, so check to see if it is also used on the bottom of the table.


Since glass table tops make a room feel more open, they are great for small rooms. Glass tabletops are fairly cheap and come in many styles, such as clear, colored, or frosted.

They don’t get destroyed by water, but they are easy to chip and scratch. They also show every fingerprint, so if you have small children, they might not be the best choice. A glass Dining table can last for decades if you can keep it free of chips and scratches and clean it often.


Stone tables are beautiful and strong. Stone dining tables are usually made of marble or a composite of marble and quartz. They look good in both modern and classic settings. Stone is strong, but it can easily take on marks. This material also tends to chip or crack, which can’t usually be fixed.

Depending on the type of stone used, stone tables can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.


Metal tables are trendy, last longer than most other materials, and cost less than most of them. Metal dining tables can hold up to a lot of use. They can be made of stainless steel, zinc, brass, or painted forms of these. But because they are shiny, they can be hard to clean because they show every fingerprint.


A cheap choice is a plastic table. Even though this material is strong and doesn’t need much maintenance, it’s not usually the most stylish choice.

5. Style

Style should be a big part of how you choose the right Dining table for your home. There is an Dining table for every interior design style, whether you want a Scandi, Hamptons, or industrial look. Here are some things to think about for some of the most common styles.


Scandinavian is about being simple with a bit of the Nordic. It’s simple and warm, with no extra stuff. It’s a good mix of minimalism and utility. If your home’s decor is in the Scandi style, your Dining table should be too. Look for a simple, modern table made of solid wood with clean lines.


The style of interior design in the Hamptons is seaside, casual, and classy. It calls for big, beachy pieces of furniture. This style works best with a beautiful wood table with clean lines and carved legs.


The industrial style of interior design is current, raw, and old-fashioned. Brick walls, steel beams, old wood, and raw concrete make for an edgy look. If this is your style, look for a black, brown, grey, or white Dining table made of wood or metal.


The eclectic style of interior design mixes furniture from many different types and time periods. Most of the time, the whole thing has the same color, design, or texture. The best thing about this style is that it can work with any Dining table, as long as it has character.


The minimalist style of home design is simple but stylish. The most important things are quality and how well they work. If this is your style, look for a dining table with clean lines and useful features that is a neutral color.

6. Quality

If you want your Dining table to last for a long time, choose a good one. You should buy a well-made table that can be used a lot but doesn’t show much wear. Material is a big part of this, but how the pieces are put together is also important.

Look under the dinner table at the store to see how the pieces fit together. You want to make sure that the tabletop and base fit together well. Wood that is joined to other wood is usually very strong.

If you notice a lot of hinges or gaps at those corners that connect to the tabletop or the table is wobbly it’s not a solid table. The sturdier the joinery, the better quality of the table, as well as the longer it’ll last.

Being one of the most important furniture pieces in your home, a dining table shouldn’t be bought on the spur of the moment. Before you make a purchase take into consideration your requirements and what dimension, shape, material design, and style of table you require. A good dining table will enhance your life and turn your home into a sanctuary. Pick one that can ensure numerous memorable meals and meaningful gatherings to your home, for years to come.

We at The Antiques Furniture, we are aware that a dining table is not just an integral element of your home, but also an integral part of your lifestyle. We offer a stunning selection of designer dining tables that are well-crafted that can be adapted to any budget and taste. The tables we offer are reasonably priced and top-quality due to our understanding of the importance this furniture piece has.

When you’re looking for a new dining table, you can use these tips to help select the best one for your space.

Are you searching for the ideal furniture for the dining room? Do you have questions about the things you need to think about before making a final decision? Answer them in the comments section below to ensure that our furniture-loving community can assist you.

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