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How to choose the best DJ loop station

Whether you’re a professional DJ or an aspiring beginner, you’ll probably appreciate there are lots of DJ gear and equipment to choose from, and you’ll probably need to invest in several products such as speakers, mixers, turntables, software, and even lighting accessories. Possibly one of the most essential pieces of equipment is a DJ loop station. Sometimes these items can be quite expensive, and if you’re looking for great quality music gear at affordable prices, a Bax Music discount code is for you. You can take advantage of great deals to get fantastic savings on your next purchase. Before you decide which products are right for you, read on to learn more about the important features of DJ loop stations currently available. 

What is a loop station and what do they do?

Let’s start at the beginning. A loop station is a tool that allows you to record a piece of music, audio, or vocals in real-time and then play it back. It’s a portable electrical device that is used in recording studios and live DJ sets. Most loop stations are computer-based stations or digital audio workstations that are operated using the control of a foot pedal. When you use a loop station, it means that you can connect other electronic music equipment such as a guitar or microphone to add additional layers to the music, and is especially useful during live performances. 

What are the most important features of loop stations?

  • “Sound-on-sound” recording – this is one of the most basic features and means that users can overdub new features while an original loop is playing. 
  • Multitrack capability – this obviously allows you to play several different loops simultaneously, at any given time and is common in many loop station products. 
  • Recording time – this is another important feature to look for when choosing your loop station. Some of the best stations offer up to 3 hours of recording time, meaning that it is possible to create longer sections and even entire songs. 
  1. The Undo function – this is an essential function if you need to cancel or change a previously recorded loop. If something doesn’t sound right, or you make a mistake, you can quickly and easily delete or cancel it without causing too much disruption at the click of a button. Some options even allow you to get back deleted “undone” loops as well so it’s a great creative tool that you can take advantage of to experiment with your productions.
  • Multiple inputs – we mentioned above that one of the advantages of using loop stations is that you can attach them to other electronic devices and musical instruments. The most common are probably guitars and microphones but having additional inputs that you can use to connect a range of other devices will give you more choice and flexibility. When more inputs are available simultaneously, you can add more layers to your music at the same time.
  • Built-in rhythms and effect – most loop stations offer this feature as standard, as it’s a pretty essential function. The difference is usually based on the number of different effects and rhytms each station offers. The more choice you have, and the better the quality of these special effects, the more you will be able to add exciting elements to your music creations. 

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Hopefully, this brief guide will help you understand the importance of loop stations, and what features to look for when buying one. If you’re interested in reading reviews and recommendations for specific DJ equipment items on the market, check out the helpful articles full of product recommendations from the experts at Rolling Stone Magazine. 

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