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How to Check Spotify Streams (for Artists & Listeners)

Whether you are Monthly listeners or an artist, you may need to test a track’s total move or play depending on Spotify. I’ve appeared up the pleasant methods to test this and wrote about it here.

To take a look at Spotify streams, go to the artist’s Spotify profile and spot the songs indexed below the “Popular” segment. Artists can check their Spotify streams for any of their songs by signing up and logging into Spotify For Artists.

If you aren’t the artist, you could simplest see the entire play counts or total streams of songs which might be listed inside the “Popular” section.

Total play counts can’t be found everywhere else unless you are the artist and have to get the right of entry to the Spotify For Artists dashboard. For an extra exact, step-with the aid of-step method for both techniques, simply examine on, my buddy!

How To See Play Counts On Spotify

There are two primary techniques to check play counts on Spotify, relying on if you have a listener profile or an artist profile.

Listener profiles are both unfastened or paid variations of Spotify you operate to concentrate on and find out music at the Spotify app or web browser.

Artist profiles are the profiles you operate to manage your songs and consider your stats while you distribute and release tunes onto Spotify.

First, we will check out the simple manner in which you could see how many plays a song has on Spotify.

1 View play counts as a listener

To view play counts for songs on Spotify, clearly follow those steps:

  • 1 – Open up the Spotify app or web browser.
  • 2 – Type inside the artist you’re searching for inside the seek engine.
  • 3 – Click thru to the profile of the artist.
  • 4 – Under the “Popular” segment, you’ll see play counts to the right of each music.

At the time of scripting this. It’s far best possible to see the play counts of songs that appear in the section of an artist’s profile.

You aren’t capable of seeing the play counts for music that isn’t always indexed within the “Popular” segment. Also – any songs which have much less than 1,000 total play counts will show up as “>one thousand”. Monthly listeners Even if they’re listed within the “Popular” section.

However, in case you are an artist and need to peer the play counts of your personal songs.

2 View play counts as an artist

Artists can view play counts and stream counts of any of their songs through having access to the Spotify For Artists dashboard. In truth, there are a lot of first-rate insights and facts that may be determined in the Spotify For Artists dashboard.

In addition to being capable of simply viewing circulate and play counts, in an interview with Emily White, the Artists Product Manager at Spotify Monthly listeners, states that:

So how can you get the right of entry to the Spotify For Artists dashboard so you can get access to stats and the ability to make Spotify editorial playlist submissions in case you yourself are an artist?

How do I recognize this?

I’ve completed this myself by using releasing my personal song on a monthly foundation. At first, I began getting on a few Algorithmic playlists and slowly that stuck in the eye of the Spotify editors.

I’ve now gotten my music on over 10 official Spotify Monthly listeners editorial playlists and have racked up over 2 million streams.

If you want to recognise how I did this in element. I prepare an unfastened path referred to as the 6 Secrets To Spotify Success.

In this free path, I cover:

How to get the maximum from your modern-day launch, in a single day

The specific step-by means of-step system of a way to build a track advertising method required to make your candy streams

How to grow your Spotify monthly listeners, and fanatics even if you’re totally new If that sounds neat to you. Then test out the 6 Secrets To Spotify Success, for more.

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