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How to change Scenery in COC?

Clash of Clans has become one of the most loved handheld games. Clash of Clans has a well-deserved reputation for providing constant updates and new content to its players. It is a top-rated strategy game and has a large player base. There are also challenges and quests players can complete in order to unlock special rewards. Many people have wondered how to change the scenery in Clash of Clans.

How can you change the scenery in Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans now offers the ability to change the appearance of the Townhall. This feature allows players to experience a brand new layout in Clash of Clans game. Clash of Clans offers a wide range of sceneries that players can unlock, download, or purchase. You can easily change the scenery at the Town Hall by pressing the Town Hall button and clicking on the Scenery Button. The scene can be changed by the players using the available options. Below are some Clash of Clans scenes.

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  • Classic: A forest. The back is dominated by a waterfall and cliffs. The entire front is surrounded by a beach.
  • Classic Autumn: The trees depict the autumn season, but not the classic forest.
  • Classic Winter: This is the same forest as in Autumn, but with different ice and snow details.
  • Clashy Constructs – A pine forest with structures, mines and surrounding your village. The beach has been made a dock and the waterfall is being used.
  • Pirate Scenery: This is a tropical area that surrounds several water bodies and includes a beach settlement and a magnificent castle. A giant cove with a skull-shaped shape has been added to the cliff that falls to the waterfall. Sometimes, Hammerhead Sharks are sometimes seen in the Lagoon.
  • Epic Winter Scenery: Snowy area with a cave and snow on one side. A small settlement is located around dark blue water. There’s also a small pine forest surrounding a cliff that overlooks purple mist. On either side of the bridge, two giant Barbarian King statues were placed. A dark castle is located in the mountains has replaced the waterfall.
  • Hog Mountain: A plateau that is surrounded by rock formations. There’s a fish market to the right, and there’s a Chinese-themed settlement at the top. The bridge connects it with a palace with Hog Rider statues. The area is dotted with snow details.
  • Jungle Scenery: This scene is a jungle forest with two bridges that are far apart on the top right. It is surrounded by mountains and few stones all around. The bottom right has the Goblin’s head, while the beach is dirt.
  • Epic Jungle Scenery: A grass plateau located on top of a stone temple in the jungle. It is decorated with red and gold. The Jungle Warden is visible in the top-right. Behind it, there’s a small pool with waterfalls and an emerald-colored pool. On either side of the river, there are two Goblin heads. Some constructions and market stalls can be found on the bottom-right. The Clan Path at the top-left has been replaced by a rope bridge that overlooks a chasm.

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