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How to Build and Manage a Community on Discord

Discord was launched as a chat app but has expanded in the past year to encompass a variety of communities. People flock to servers devoted to their favorite sports, musicians, and specialized hobbies. Even workplaces and family conversations have begun to migrate to the site. Intent on creating a server for your friends or online community?


Web surfers (and most video game players) had to use outdated software such asTeam Speak to engage in real-time audio chat or coordinate the slaying of pixelated dragons in the early days of the Internet. Although these techniques were formerly cutting-edge and useful for organizing local social gatherings, the Internet’s current draw necessitated that they are replaced.

Discord communities exist for every imaginable topic, product, fandom, and famous person. Every specialty has a home on Discord, from woodburning fanatics to PewdiePie-themed serversanyone may join them.

In 2021, it was well-known that establishing a community on Discord benefits whatever subject it concentrates on. For instance, an up-and-coming Twitch streamer is strongly encouraged to build a Discord server encircling its platform to encourage user involvement and participation.

User involvement is known to be a significant element in audience retention.

This post will provide a straightforward, step-by-step process for creating your Discord community. This strategy applies to Internet personalities, brands, aficionados of any subject, Internet communities, and even basic groups of friends.

1.    Create Your Server

The initial step is the simplest. Install the Discord client app and create a discord login account. Once logged in, you can establish your community by clicking the large Plus button on the right side of the screen. As simple as that.

2.    Invite other users

Before you can develop a community, you need people. You can invite anyone to join your Discord server, including friends and strangers on the Internet. You can make your server appear either public or private. Public signifies that anyone can locate it with a standard Discord search. And invite-only so that only those who have been invited can join.

3.    Promote your Server

If your use of Discord is to build a community around a product or service you offer (this also applies if you are an entertainment), you may choose to promote your new server to attract new members and traffic. There are numerous social media platforms where you can ask others to join your community. Consider advertising or sharing chances on web pages that share your server’s interests.

4.    Organize Community Channels

Discord enables the creation of several voice and text communication channels. You can give each of your community’s diverse interests or activities its channel. Create a Text Channel for sharing humorous images (memes) and another for discussing group-related events. A voice chat channel for the game Among Us and another for Call of Duty. There is no restriction on how you can organize your Discord server, so get creative!

5.    Assign User Roles

If your discord community is large enough, you may want to decide whether you want to provide every member with the same access and tools. Discord enables the creation of user tiers with varying channel access and selection Moderators with significantly more action options. These choices become intriguing when examining the concept of chat control for undesirable conduct or material. If your Discord server has a protocol, moderators are required to enforce them. Moderators can remove content and ban users from the service. Remember that a respectful, enjoyable, and trouble-free atmosphere contributes significantly to a pleasant user experience.

6.    Keep it Active

The final stage should be performed continuously and indefinitely. Frequent content injection is the best approach to maintaining a vibrant and active community. Ask questions, organize events, and interact with others! Maintaining traffic on the Discord server is crucial.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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