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How to Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon

Becoming a best-selling author on Amazon is the dream of every book scriber! Having that orange Amazon badge is no less than a source of pride for a writer. You can flaunt that not only did you write a book yourself, but the audience judged it “better” than other publications on the shelves.

Anyone can publish a book, but rising to the top among millions of book-sellers can be a test of patience and courage. We have decided to lay out this blog post to cut the slack for upcoming authors. This will cover how to become a bestselling author on Amazon through tried and tested approaches.

And worry not; we aren’t going to feed you with what everyone’s teaching online. This blog is compiled with the help of professional book marketers with a proven record of success. We are going to reveal something beyond “make creative titles” and “add a catchy book cover”.

Hence, you can rely on us! Therefore, let’s get started.

6-Step Guide To Become A Best-Selling Author On Amazon

Hop On To Kindle Spy

So let’s be honest here – we all write books to get ranked and fly off the shelves instantly. Right? Before you open your Word Process to craft a story, novel, fiction, or anything, consider hopping on Kindle Spy first.

Kindle Spy is a standalone software that can be used as a browser extension to hunt for profitable keywords, pick the right category, and spy on royalties that top-ranking authors make. It has several features that can help you in choosing the right topic and type that is more likely to receive additional traffic.

Real Hack: Pick a category with less competition. The chances of making it to “best-seller” are relatively higher in low-competition categories.

Set Up For Writing

This might seem a very obvious step, but it has a lot of layers folded inside it! Writing a book yourself is the hardest part. Typing down the first sentence is even more difficult. You need to make up your mind, conduct profound research from legit sources, jot them down, arrange them, and finally, begin the writing process. This step is very energy-consuming, and you can consider passing it on to UK ghostwriting service providers. You just have to share your story concept with them, and they’d reciprocate a solidly written eBook to you for a nominal fee.

And definitely, you’d have the credits.

Own An Audience And A Platform

If you are someone who is starting up with this kind of task, you need to have an audience – that knows you exist. This step should be considered when you are in the midway of writing your bestseller. Considering your target audience, you need to pick the right kind of social media platform and communicate that you are writing a book for them. Stay active on every platform, and keep telling them there’s something in process for them!

This will help you in establishing hype across the platforms and on the day of launch, you’d have some real buyers to invest in your write-up.

What else can be a better hack to nail the rankings other than selling on the first day of the launch?

Make Sure Your Book Is Error-Free

Usually, authors invest too much time in the writing part. When they reach the finish line, they lack the energy and motivation to proofread their content. Or perhaps, they are way too attached to their piece of write-up that they easily slip into a misconception that their book can’t have any flaws.

Even the greatest concepts encapsulated in a book can collapse if minor language errors occur. If you have been finding out ways how to become a best-seller author on Amazon, ensure your written content is error-free.

Therefore, it is strongly advised to stretch out your hand to professional proofreaders and allow them to skim through the entire content. These experts can catch the scent of mistakes from a scalable distance.

Give Away Copies For Free (Really?)

That’s a debate. Either an Amazon author should – or should not – give way copies for free. Let us explain it with an example. Amazon runs a program called Kindle Select.

Your piece of write-up gets enrolled for 90 days, and you can’t upload/sell a copy of your write-up on any other platform. During this period, the premium members of this platform can borrow your book to read it for free.

According to an expert, this helps a book scriber to rise to #1 very easily. But as soon as the period ends, the ranking sinks to the bottom. Even if you have hired professional eBook ghostwriting services, getting back to the top ranking isn’t guaranteed.

Considering this, if you are a newbie trying your hands with eBook writing, you may go for this option. But if you are someone, who takes this as a source of income, Kindle Select isn’t recommended.

Besides, when you upload your piece of write-up, check the performance. If the performance is average, don’t go for Kindle Select. But if it lacks exposure, you can consider the other route.

Get Legit Reviews

Positive words can have a thrilling impact on your sales. You can request legit reviews from the buyers of your product. But still, there’s a hack.

You can follow this hack if you are confident enough about your write-up. Once the product is launched on the platform, you can pay your friends and relatives to purchase your product. And after some time, they can leave some positive words about your eBook. This will give the general audience a quick overview of your write-up, and they’ll be tempted to buy.

Soon, you’d have the selling graph breaking all the limits.

But you will have to be very careful while doing so because if Amazon detects this act, your write-up might be penalized from the platform.

Cutting It Short

Equipped with a 6-step plan, you can begin with the process of penning down your next best-selling for the platform. Landing the top-ranking positions can be a little tricky, but if you are managing it with a little more tact, your goal to become a bestselling author on Amazon is definitely reachable.

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