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Steps to Easily Add an Appointment in Outlook Calendar

Without accurate data in your Outlook calendar, it’s possible to forget about important work-related tasks. Although Outlook calendars prove handy most of the time, sometimes you may find issues such as Outlook calendar not showing appointments. Not only that, but many people also aren’t able to add an appointment to the calendar. Well, you can add an appointment to two calendars in Outlook quite easily. You can add it to the default as well as non-default or public calendar using an in-built feature in the application. Continue reading this blog to know how you can do so.

Adding an Appointment in Outlook Calendar

You can add an appointment by employing the Copy to My Calendar functionality. Here are the steps you can use.

  • Go to the ‘Calendar‘ view and launch the non-default calendar where you wish to add the appointment. 
  • To create an appointment, tap ‘Home‘ followed by ‘New appointment.’
  • In the ‘Appointment‘ window, write the appointment as you want. 
  • After that, save it by hitting the Ctrl + S keys together. 
  • Now, tap ‘Appointment‘ followed by ‘Copt to My Calendar.’
  • The newly made appointment will be added to the calendar currently opening and the default calendar. 

Use Hotkeys to Add an Appointment 

You can also use hotkeys for this task. The ctrl key can be used for adding appointments to two or more two non-default calendars. 

  • Go to the ‘Calendar‘ view and make a new appointment. 
  • After that, save it. 
  • Choose a current appointment. 
  • Hold the Ctrl key. Now drag and drop the chosen appointment until the destination calendar is highlighted. 
  • It implies that your appointment is now copied to your preferred calendar. 
  • To copy the appointment to any remaining calendars, repeat the process of holding the Ctrl key and dragging and dropping the appointment. 

Fixes to Use When Outlook Calendar Doesn’t Show Appointments

This problem can be due to wrong account information, poor internet connection, and wrong auto-archive settings. In the subsequent sections, you will learn some proven fixes for it. 

Reconfigure the Calendar View

If you find a meeting not showing in Outlook calendar, it can be because of a glitch in the program. Firstly, restart Outlook and check for the issue. If it doesn’t work, reconfigure the calendar view.

  • Firstly, load the problematic calendar.
  • Now, hit the ‘Work Week’ button.
  • Then scroll down the calendar pane. It will show an hour before when your work week commences.
  • Tap ‘Today‘ present in the ‘Go to‘ group.
  • Click ‘View‘ followed by ‘Reset View.’
  • Confirm your action by clicking ‘Yes.’

Examine the AutoArchive Settings

If you don’t find meetings or appointments showing on your calendar, it means you have archived them. You can know about it by inspecting the AutoArchive settings.

  • Tap’ File’ in Outlook.
  • Head to ‘Options’ followed by ‘Advanced‘ and then ‘AutoArchive Settings.’
  • If you find a checkmark in the ‘AutoArchive every‘ box, it implies you have enabled the functionality.
  • The ‘Days’ field shows the frequency at which your data is archived by the application.
  • To modify its frequency, change the value in this field.
  • If you want to turn off the AutoArchive functionality as a whole, remove the tick in the check box of ‘AutoArchive every.’

Deactivate Delegate Access

The delegate access feature in Outlook allows others to delete information from your calendar. If this feature is enabled, another person has likely deleted meeting invites. In order to check if this feature is enabled, just tap ‘File‘ followed by ‘Account Settings.’ After that, tap ‘Delegate Access.’ If you desire to deactivate this feature, tap the person’s name and click ‘Remove.’

Final Words 

Now you know how to add appointments not only in one but two Outlook calendars. Moreover, you also know what to do when you find the Outlook calendar not showing appointments, such as resetting the calendar view and AutoArchive settings. Seek the help of email technical support experts if you have any other queries about this issue. 

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