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How many attempts ACCA per year?

The Strategic Professional exam is a difficult one, and you cannot take it without studying hard. Most people take two to three years to pass the first Strategic Professional exam.

After passing the first test, you should focus on passing the remaining tests. There are several tests to pass, and you need to study hard to pass them. The Strategic Professional exam is also a multiple-choice test.

So, you should focus on choosing the correct answers instead of memorizing the answers. You will need to study many things ACCA Exam Centre in order to pass the exam. Make sure you spend enough time studying. You cannot just pass the test by memorizing the answers. You also need to review the questions carefully.

It’s very important to pay attention to the details in the question and how you answer. You should understand what each question is asking for. If you fail the exam, you will need to retake it. There are no passing scores, so even if you have an 80% chance of passing the test, you won’t know until you take it.

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