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How Is A Bh Number Plate Different From A Regular Number Plate? 

Vehicle registration plates, commonly referred to as number plates, are crucial for the identification of vehicles on the road. In India, the recent introduction of BH number plates (Bharat series) marks a significant evolution from the traditional state-specific registration system. 

This article provides a detailed comparative analysis between BH number plates and regular number plates, referred to here as HSRP number plate (High-Security Registration Plates). Understanding the differences can help vehicle owners make informed decisions regarding their registration options.

BH Number Plates vs. Regular HSRP Number Plates

1. Definition and Purpose:

  • BH Number Plate: The BH (Bharat) series is a new category of vehicle registration designed to facilitate the seamless transfer of vehicles across states within India. It is primarily aimed at individuals who move between states frequently, such as defence personnel, employees of private and public sector companies, and central government employees.
  • HSRP Number Plate: High-Security Registration Plates are standard across vehicles in India and are designed to curb the issues of vehicle theft and tampering. These plates are made from aluminium and are affixed with non-removable snap-on locks.

2. Features:

  • BH Number Plate: These plates are marked with the letters ‘BH’ at the beginning of the registration number, followed by the year of issuance, a random alphanumeric series, and the last four digits denoting the unique vehicle number.
  • HSRP Number Plate: Regular HSRP plates feature a chromium-based hologram of Ashoka Chakra on the top left corner, a 10-digit PIN laser-branded below the hologram, and ‘IND’ inscribed in blue at a 45-degree angle.

3. Registration Process:

  • BH Number Plate: Registration for a BH series number plate can be done online through the government’s Vahan portal. It simplifies the bureaucratic process as it does not require a change in vehicle registration if the owner moves to a different state.
  • HSRP Number Plate: Registration for HSRP plates also occurs online or through authorised dealers, but it is tied to the state of residence. If the vehicle owner relocates to another state, a new registration process must be initiated.

4. Applicability and Portability:

  • BH Number Plate: Designed for high mobility, the BH series allows vehicle owners to move across states without the hassle of re-registering their vehicles in the new state.
  • HSRP Number Plate: These are state-specific. Vehicle owners moving to a different state must re-register their vehicle within a stipulated time frame, usually about a month, which involves a new HSRP issuance.

5. Cost Implications:

  • BH Number Plate: There may be a premium cost associated with obtaining a BH series number plate due to its nationwide validity and convenience features.
  • HSRP Number Plate: The cost of HSRP plates is regulated by state authorities and generally involves standard charges across various states, with slight variations.

6. Target Audience:

  • BH Number Plate: Ideal for those who anticipate frequent relocations across states due to professional or personal reasons.
  • HSRP Number Plate: Best suited for individuals who do not expect to change their state of residence often.

7. Benefits and Limitations:

  • BH Number Plate: The major benefit is the ease of movement and reduced administrative procedures for the owner. However, the initial costs and the limited availability in the early phase might be a drawback for some.
  • HSRP Number Plate: While offering enhanced security features, the limitation lies in the inconvenience of having to re-register and obtain new plates when moving to a new state.


The introduction of BH number plate offers a practical solution for individuals who frequently relocate across India, ensuring continuity in vehicle registration regardless of state boundaries. In contrast, HSRP number plates provide robust security features but lack the portability of the BH series. 

Each type of plate serves its purpose based on the vehicle owner’s needs and mobility. Understanding these distinctions helps vehicle owners navigate the logistics of vehicle registration more effectively, keeping in line with legal requirements and personal convenience.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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